Friday, June 02, 2006


Lics like Story, only it happend at Kroger

Like all great mega stores that boast 15- 40 checkout lanes Kroger had three open, luckily we (myself and my girlfriend) seemed to have hit one line just perfectly. A lady probably late forties early fifties, nicley dressed, not a skank or white trash by no means, had a cart load of things, the last of which the cashier was bagging up. We slipped in as quickly as possible, we only have a few items some of which where produce so we didn't want to fool with the self check out. We stand in line and the lady gets out her purse and the cashier hits the total button, it was around a hundred dollars, I dont remember the exact amount but it doesnt exactly matter, but her cart was full, thats the main point. As she opened her wallet she saw a coupon for 65 cents, yes 65 cents, she let the cashier know about her coupon and the cashier informed her that since she had already rang up the total the only way to use the coupon would be for her to re-scan the entire cart load. I thought well it being only a few cents the lady would put it back in the wallet and wait until her next visit, on no, it couldn't be that easy. She promptley told the cashier "I guess you better get started." Being as sarcastic and bitchy as she could possibly be.This lady was a bitch. My jaw dropped, my girlfriend said loud enuff for the bitch to hear, "You have got to be kidding me!" We stood with five items, her with probably 40 and for 65 cents she wanted to re-scan everything. We gave her a look and left the lane. I feel sorry for all people that have to deal with the public beccause the public is hard to deal with. Everyone has the moments when they wish they would have thought to say something, this was one. After the incident I wished I would have given her a dollar and told her to keep her coupon for the next trip.


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