Tuesday, December 27, 2005


Before they were Action Stars.

Everybody knows that you can't just become a famous action star over night. You have to pay your dues, and gradually become the stud that saves the day and gets the girl. Well, before all of the stardom of badassedness, most actors play a wide array of roles before finding their style. After a litte bit of research, I have found some of these movies. CAUTION: After seeing these movie posters, you might not look at your hero the same way.

Lets Get Started.

The adventure is just around the corner and nobody knows what will happen next! When "Portly" Cornelius Perry (Richard Dean Anderson) unknowingly swallows a top secret governemnt computer chip, it becomes a race of who can find him first. Perry doesn't know a war is waging between the US government and Columbian drug lords. All he knows is that he wants a donut, and he wants it now. Don't miss all of the wacky shenanigans as Perry avoids being captured, and shoots for his goal of eating 3 dozen donuts.

Gerald Nichols (Chuck Norris) is an ex-cab driver with Obssesive Compulsive Disorder. Kim Kim (Michelle Kwan)is a dirty Asian immigrant who is scared of cab drivers due to recent events in her life. Both most conquer their fears when Kim Kim is mugged and left for dead on the street. When Gerald finds her bloody beaten body, he must carry her to the local hospital. When Kim Kim awakens and finds out an ex-cabbie saved her life she is torn. Together they teach one another how to love.

CIA agent Jack Taggart (Stevan Seagal) is caught up in the middle of a power struggle. Yakuza gang members kidnap and murder his family, then pin the blame on him. They do a good job at it too. Taggart goes to jail and serves a life sentence. In prison, he gets beaten and battered on a regular basis. He eventually dies in the electric chair at age 72.

Shawn Michaels goes deep in this gay porno. Wait, this is something he still does. Shawn Michaels might be one of the gayest people ever. Seriously, how can you look at this guy and not think to yourself, "This is the gayest man alive!"

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Monday, December 26, 2005


All FOXed Up.

What is the deal with the FOX channel. It used to be a strong channel with strong line ups and shows, but now it is the land of the dead. I remember a few years ago when Family Guy was first on, it was awesome. Only, I never really knew when it was on. Sometimes it was, sometimes it wasn't. I think that is one of the reasons it was cancelled. But the, Cartoon Network started syndicating the show, and on a regular schedule. The show blew up. When I found out they were bringing Family Guy back I was pumped, but then I learned they were going to bring it back....to FOX.....WTF? And sure enough, I never know when there are new episodes, or when they are on. They advertise it to be at 8, but due to football games running late, and regular "specials" it is never on at eight. At least Adult Swim shows new episodes on THURSDAY at 10.

Point two...Arrested Development. This show is great. UberDustin once said "...this is some of the best writing since Seinfeld [paraphrase]", and I agree. This show is smart and hilarious. It had a great timespot at Sunday evenings. But FOX said...eeh, lets move it to Tuesday and introduce a new show. Guess what, Arrested Development got cancelled, and I'm guessing it's replacement, "The War at Home" will be soon. There is a ray of hope, because I've heard that Arrested Development might get picked up by a cable channel.

I HATE FOX and they don't deserve good programming like Family Guy, Arrested Development, and COPS. They should just stick to making crappy reality shows that only last one season because they suck.

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Friday, December 23, 2005


Don Dohler Collection!?

Thats right...I said it. I just bought a Don Dohler collection on ebay. It comes with two DVD's of which he wrote and directed the movies. They look spectacular. For more information on Don Dohler, check out our Bad Movie blog, scroll to the bottom, and click the Galaxy Invader link. Also, I've set a goal for myself to own all of Steven Seagal's movies....so far I have 9/25. UberRed, you better get in gear and start finding some Van Damme movies.

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Wednesday, December 21, 2005


The little things in life (that bother me) Vol. 2

It’s all the little things in life...that piss me off. Here is a list of things that make me mad on a regular basis.

• Trying to open a drawer, but there is something inside that keeps hitting the drawer frame, and you can’t open the drawer.

• When you go to sharpen a pencil, and it never sharpens, but your pencil keeps getting shorter until your left with a nub eraser stick.

• New Harmony, Indiana. Historic?...more like boring as shit.

• People who smack their lips when eating food or chewing gum.

• How 100% of the time, your trying to plug something in to an electrical outlet, and the big plug never lines up with the big hole.

• Women who put on hand lotion, then instantly open a door, just so later you grab the door knob and it is all greasy.

• Soft drink fountain machines in restaurants where you push the cup against a lever to refill your cup. Thats gross. Just like people who put their lips on the water fountain.

• Locks on storm doors. Honestly, who locks their storm door on purpose!?

• Even though you’ve lived in your house for many years, you still flip the wrong light switch.

• When someones dog is totally a mut, but they insist on nameing it a special breed like Cocka-pika-poo, or Colli-husky-bull-pit-shit Terrier.

• When you are drinking an iced beverage, and there is not much liquid left, so you lift the glass up to get that last drop and all the ice comes crashing down on your face and you feel stupid for not seeing it coming, even though it happens all the time.

• iPods

• People who sit at the toll bridge and just chat with the people in the booth.

• I know it’s cliche, but seriously, how do I always have an odd number of socks after I’ve done laundry.

• When you and someone else are watching TV, you just turn the channel to a new show, and the other person asks whats going on in the show. HEY DUMMY, I’VE SEEN JUST AS MUCH AS YOU!

• When people mispronounce common words.

• Every single thing about Abercrombie & Fitch, and everyone that has anything to do with it. F*** YOU! F*** YOU 1000%.

• People who never stop clapping because they have to be the last person to clap.

• How come, when designing public bathrooms, they still haven’t figured out to put the door in so you can just push the door open with your foot when leaving instead of re-contaminating your hand by pulling the door open.

• When you can’t find something in the fridge and you KNOW it’s in there.

• When you cut or scrape yourself in the summer, and you just can’t keep gnats away from it.

• When people are pointing to something on a computer screen, and they touch it leaving a smudgy print on the screen. Most people do this unkowingly, but they do it none the less.

• Female drivers. Face it ladies...you can’t drive, have never been able to, and you never will be able to. If it were up to me, you wouldn’t be allowed to drive...or vote for that matter. naah, I’m just kidding, but seriously.

• How cheetos are SOO good, but you have to use an acid wash to get the cheesy powder off your finger tips.

• The stoplight at Main St. and Plum.

• Being politically correct. F*** all that.

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Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Was it Newtons Law?

Seriously? Was it Newton that said "For every action there is an opposite and equal re-action." Well, it's just like the Matrix then...As evil becomes more powerful, right also becomes more powerful. I guess the Universe couldn't handle all of this Hating so it had to level itself out. Now there is a group called Uber Lovers! Endulging on the finer things in life. Check it out.

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Monday, December 19, 2005


President Bush

I wanted to comment on president bush. I would consider myself a republician, but I must say that bush is a crooked "giant turd sandwich". I was listening to his comments about the war yesterday, and he said things like we went into iraq for our freedom and to fight terrorism. I would have to say that that is bullshit! who is he trying to kid, I mean I may be the dumbest guy in the world when it comes to politics and I know that this war was all about oil. the bush family profits greatly off of middle eastern oil and we all know it. I guess I know he cant just say that is the reason but I just wish he would man up and tell the real reason. also I must say that when he started talking about the "weapons of mass destruction" and how they were not there and he tried to spin into a positive was freaking hilirous. you know i'm glade we were able to "free Iraq", but do we really know that a democracy is the best for those people? just because it works for us does not mean it works for everyone. Oh well, I just we could let Iraq run Iraq but we have to be sure that the people that will give us the best deals on oil will be in power before we can completely turn over Iraq to Iraqies. Man bush is a dumbass!! What happend to good presidents? Why does every canident have to be a duech?

"There's an old saying in Tennessee; I know it's in Texas, probably in Tennessee; that says, fool me once, shame on... shame on you. Fool me... ... you can't get fooled again." - WOW, what a duechbah!


Monday, December 12, 2005


The Little Things (that bother me) Vol. 1

It’s all the little things in life...that piss me off. Here is a list of things that make me mad on a regular basis.

• Waking up in the morning clueless of what is going on and trying to do some mad guerilla math to maximize the amount of time I can lay in bed before having to put my feet down on a cold hardwood floor.

• Trying to adjust the bathroom mat with my feet, but it not moving, so I am forced to bend down and pick it up to re-adjust it.

• Stepping outside just in time for a hard gust of freezing cold air to hit me.

• Every spring we have a huge mushroom that grows in our yard, and every spring some middle school bastard kicks it.

• Mac computers and their stupid habits of messing up for absolutely no reason at all.

• People who’s driving habits totally change because it is raining. SPEED UP MORONS!

• When you microwave soup and the outer part is scalding hot, while the middle is still freezing cold.

• I love eating Subway, but I HATE smelling like Subway for the rest of the day, no matter how many times you wash your hands, face, or brush teeth.

• Walking through your yard and stepping in dog poop when nobody in your neighborhood owns a dog.

• When my rolling chair won’t roll because it has made divots in the plastic floor mat, and I almost tip over.

• Walking at night time and my face goes right through a spider web.

• When a CD or a DVD skips. But especially DVD’s, because it always happens near the end.

• When you're typing something and you have to rephrase an entire sentence because you can’t spell one certain word.

• No matter how many showers I use, either at hotels, a friends, etc. Never once have I seen the same design twice to turn the shower function on.

• Tony Danza

• People who smoke and think they should have the right to smoke anywhere they want.

• People who call you on the phone, then ask, “Who is this?” Dumbass, you called me, you should know who this is, who the hell are you?

• When I'm working on an ad for someone, and it makes absolutely no sense, so I try to help, and they refuse it. Example: Headline reads "The bases are always loaded with *company name*", but they only list things on first and second. I suggest something I can add on third, and they say "naa, just leave it that way". hehehehe, your an idiot.

Right On,

Saturday, December 10, 2005


The original reality show, and still the best.'

Man oh man, reality shows are all over the place. People can't get enough of them. Personally, I think they are stupid and a tremendous waste of time. Except for shows like "Joe Schmoe" and other shows that basically make fun of reality tv, you will not catch me watching them. Ok, so thats not totally true. I thoroughly enjoy watching COPS.

Cops is the original reality show, and it doesn't get any more real than Cops. I am actually watching it right now, thus the inspiration for this post. One of the segments that was just on was simply amazing. A lady called needing assistance. When the officer arrived, she told him a snake just scurried into her closet. (sidenote: as I am typing this now, some black guy in a throwback Kobe Bryant jersey just got picked up for stealing some 20's. They were in his backseat. He denied taking them, then went on a rant of which I didn't understand a single word he said except for when he paused to say, "I were smokin weed.")

Anyway, back to the snake. The cop starts looking through her closet and can't find it. He then starts pulling things out. nope, still can't find it. The lady then gives the cop permission to pry up the floorboard. So he does. The next thing we see is a closet with the carpet ripped up, and all three walls with the drywall busted to hell. Still no snake. So they go to the basement, because maybe it went through the floorboards. No such luck. The cop apologizes for not finding the snake and makes his way out the door. Poor lady.

WAIT A MINUTE, as the cop is getting in the car, we hear the lady screaming. So the cop scuttles back into the house and sure enough there is the snake, sitting in the closet. The reason they didn't see it is because it was only 4 inches long. They probably did $1,000 worth of damage for a little bitty snake. Then the lady throws out this gem. "Well, if you wouldn't have found it, im sure my cat or dog would have found it and killed it.".........WHAT? If your cat or dog would have found it, why did you freak out so much and have a cop tear your house up? Personally, I think she had alterior motives, sense all she was wearing was an oversized undershirt and kept grabbing and huggin on the cop. uuuhhgghgh. well what can you expect for a middle aged single woman living with a dog and a cat.

People, you can't make this sort of thing up. THIS is reality TV at it's finest. In the same episode, some white trash of a guy got arrested for giving a fake name to cops because he had a felony warrant. When they asked why he did so, he responded, "...what? uuuh..no thats my name, it's my twin brother with the warrant." Glorious. -p.s. the guy had a crimped mullett.-

I know I am not the only one who loves this show. It was in the opening lineup for Fox when it first started, and they still make episodes today. Come one now, Cops has given us many mainstream lines such as "I wasn't driven'!", "Naaa, these are my brothers pants." and "Those aren't my drugs in that needle hanging out of my arm." Therefore, I make the argument that COPS is the greatest reality show of all time. I don't care about how maney people watched Survivor next weekend because its all about quality, not quantity. I guarantee that Survivor will be cancelled before Cops is.

Right On,

Wednesday, December 07, 2005


The celebrities with alot of SUCKcess

This will be my post about celebrities that are IMMENSELY overrated and that I HATE. I will not choose on soley their acting but also who the people themselves are and what they stand for. Since most of these people were kind enough to put their true selves out for people to see I will be kind enough to rip them apart and let them know that A) they are no better than us and B) they aren't as good as me. So here are my top 5 celebs of whom I HATE and are overrated.

Number 5: The Olsen Twins
Ok so everyone is probably thinking i'm crazy right?? WRONG! Talk about potential that's never been reached. These girls look like Kate Moss and her even skinnier sister. Coming up
on Full House these two girls had the world in their hands and by the time they were ready to take off to the world of big girl acting they had a very important choice to make, penthouse or playboy, and they chose neither. How disappointing is that!? Every guys dream of the olsen twins is FINALLY vanishing due to dreams of the new crop of under age wait till they're 18 girls. Jonny I'm sure is waiting for next seasons Disney lineup as we speak. Not only did they chose to not get naked, but they flat out became UGLY. I guess a steady diet of Vodka, Crack, Bob Saget will do that to you though. Here is my tip to the olsen girls, put down the crack pipe mary kate, ashley stop drinking your zimas and make a movie that doesn't involve you being twins lost in Paris.
Method of Death:
Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie fight the Olsens in a who's the skinniest Bitch match and completely destroy them due to their knowledge fighting.

Number 4: Tim Robbins
Shawshank Redemption, Arlington Road, Bull Durham you say?? How can this guy be listed as someone you say you hate?? EASY, I HATE YOU, you hippy tree huggin, susan suradan loving, know nothing about politics ass. I'm not saying I know anything about politics because honestly I don't an
d you know what, I'm fine with that because it's not my place. My place is here at work letting other worry about the stuff they know about. What does Tim Robbins know about, how to seduce women your moms age, possibly looking at his wife, however no. Tim Robbins knows about acting and in acting people tell you what to say.
Method of Death:
I wish in real life someone would slip him a line that goes a little something like this.

{Tim Robbins Enters Room and picks up shotgun}
Tim: I'm an idiot who knows nothing
{Tim pulls trigger on shotgun after pressing it against his own head}

roll credits, now that would be a box office SMASH.

Number 3: Madonna
You're old, you're annoying, I hate you!!! You're music sucks, you suck, and I bet your mom sucks too. Pick a fad and stick with it. Reinventing yourself is just another form of having no identity. You don't have one, you're nothing without being such a huge slut. You make Britney Spears look like norweigen nun. You can't dance, i don't care what anyone says. I'm not just saying that because because I hate you, I hate Michael Jackson too but he can dance.
Method of Death:
Madonna believes she's still cool and with it as she goes to a local cool night club. As she enters and no one realizes who she is and everyone refuses to dance to like a virgin she kills herself.

Number 2: Tom Cruise

THIS DUDE IS CRAZY!!! A) he's into scientology so that means B) he's a moron C) he "supposedly" impregnated Katie Holmes....i say supposedly because i think Pacey really did it (Dawson Creek reference) D) He was in War of the Worlds, possibly the worst movie EVER
Method of Death:
Tom Cruise gets REALLY deep into scientology and believes he must fly to the moon to save his REAL family. As Tom climbs to the top of the Empire State building no one stops him because everyone wants him to die. He climbs to the top and Mel Gibson pushes him off to promote "The Passion 2: Why Tom Cruise is an Idiot"

Number 1: Richard Gere
You're gay dude, admit it. The Band Marched on and so did you. I knew Pretty woman was a horrible movie but i couldn't really figure out why. Was it because Julia Roberts can be annoying.....no, was it because it's a total chick flick.....no, it was because you are GAAAAAAAY. As i sat in my sophomore year Health class we watched a scene from a movie called And The Band Marches On. You were a gay Hiv Haver and apparently you liked the part too much as when after the movie was over you retained that part. I believe I hate you the most of all because chicks dig you and I see no humanly reason too. You're say gay. You just have something about you that just screams HATE ME and i'm HAPPY to oblige.
Meathod of Death:
The year is 2025 and the cure for aids has just been found thanks to the most wealthy man ever to have HIV paying to uncover the cure Magic Johnson. Gere 2 days later comes out of the closet and announces he has aides and will do anything to get the cure from Magic. Magic then knows for the good of the world he must destroy the cure to save it from the likes of Richard Gere. 2 years later Richard Gere is dead and everyone is happy.



Just Take A Pill, Fatass!

It has come to the point where we live in a time where no-one takes responsibilty for their actions. People are lazy and waste no time blaming their problems on things other than themselves. When did all of this happen? I don't know, and it is probably safe to say that I am not old enough to trace it back to a single event. But, I am aware of things, and do remember the beginnings of other things. Here are a few things that have just gone too far and need to stop..NOW.

Commercials about pills for bogus medical conditions
Whenever I watch TV, I am overrun with commercials asking stupid things like "Do you wake up tired?" Well....YEAH, everybody wakes up tired, you just woke up moron. But apparently, someone thought waking up tired is an illness plaguing millions and millions of people. Apparently the only treatment is a pill that cost $10 a pop. I have a solution that will save you money. How about you DON'T drink 3 pots of coffee a day and go to bed early.

The first of these commercials that I remember was for Clariten. Which I admit is a good allergy pill. I used to suffer from horrible allergies in the spring and fall. Once I started taking Clariten, my allergies cleared up. But somewhere in between there and here, drug companies have gone crazy. They have pills for sleeping disorders, erectile disfunction, male enhancemet, rapid weight loss, skin treatment, herpes, and dig this....restless leg syndrom. Or, as they say "RLS". I remember watching Seinfeld and they called "RLS" the Jimmy Legs. I mean come on...restless leg syndrom? Now they are just making stuff up. It has gotten to the point where anytime something remotely less than perfect happens, people are running to the drug store.

They also have pills you take before you start binge drinking so you don't have a hang over the next morning. I don't think that is fair. A night of drinking should be followed up with a half day hangover. That is how nature balances itself out. If you have lots of sex, you'll get an STD. If you eat lots of junk food, you'll get fat. If you spend tons of money, you'll go bankrupt. That is how things work. If you have way to much fun in a small period of time, something inversely bad will happen somewhere down the road. So, if I'm not hungover the day after partying, that just means my bad result is waiting for me somewhere down the road, and I don't know when or what it will be. So just suck it up, and take whats coming to you nancy.

Then there are the weight loss commercials. They make it sound like, if you take their pill, you will become a super lean, and sexy person. Guess what dummy, there is something called fine print in those commercials too. Do you know what they say? They say three things:
1. Results not typical and will vary from person to person.
2. Use with a sensible and controlled diet.
3. Use with regular excercise.
Last time I checked, thats called healthy living. So, in order for these pills to work, you have to have a healthy lifestyle. But then, if you already live a healthy lifestyle, you probably don't need those pills. But wait, if you are taking the pills, it's probably because you don't have a healthy lifestyle, so the pills won't work, and then you'll blame the pills or think you aren't taking enough, and double the dosage....aaaaaahh bingo. Basically, your boned fatso. Thats right, if you want to lose weight, your gonna have to put the cupcake down and actually do something.

Apparently, in the past 10 years or so, the medical community has discovered some sort of molecule or something that allows them to see all the illnesses that have ever existed and have bothered mankind forever. Only just recently, have they decided to help us out. Or maybe people are just lazy moronic idiots and like to blame all of their problems on something else besides themselves.

Right On,

Tuesday, December 06, 2005


Record Companies Suck

3 years ago, Jerry Cantrell (formerly of Alice in Chains) released his 2nd solo album, titled Degradation Trip, through Roadrunner Records. It was publicized that it was originally intended to be a double album but was split into two parts at the demand of Roadrunner. The second half (Degradation Trip vol. 2) was to follow 6 months after the release of Degradation Trip.
After buying the first album of the two part series, I eagerly awaited the second album. After waiting 6 months and hearing nothing of the second album, I checked into it and found that there would be no Degradation Trip vol. 2. There would only be a new double album titled Degradation Trip volumes 1&2 with a resequenced running order, which would have been fine if I hadn't already bought the first album. Fuck that. They're not tricking me into paying for the same thing twice.

2 years ago, Ryan Adams was supposed to come out with a new album titled Love Is Hell. Lost Highway Records shelved the record saying that it wasn't main stream enough. So, Adams agreed to record and release an entirely different album (Rock N Roll) if Lost Highway would release Love Is Hell as a 2 part EP. After releasing Rock N Roll and both Love Is Hell EP's, Lost Highway released the Love Is Hell LP including all songs that were included on the 2 EP's along with one new song. Fuck those guys. I'm not paying for the same shit twice just for one new song.

In conclusion, I'd like to say that the way the record companies marketed their products in these two situations was very deceitful. I was just thinking about how I'm still pissed about that and felt like it should be a blog topic.

with a whole lotta love,


5 Most Overrated Bands

These are the groups that have gotten a "mainstream" label and in my opinion are not deserving of it with no reasonable explanation but is right because I say it is so. I will say that these bands are based on album releases and radio releases only. Live shows almost always make (real) bands better. One more thing, these are actual bands not boy bands or individual artists.


1) Godsmack- if there is a definition of crap this group may be it. I don’t understand why people listen and like them. The lead vocals are unbearable to listen to, each song is very similar, and they feel that if you tune your guitar low enough it makes up for poor and basic playing.

2) U2 - Its hard to diminish an entire band because of their lead singer, but bono is the most hypocritical person in the world! He prances around in his sun glasses telling everyone to care about the world in the mean time charging 100-200 dollars a ticket to see them perform. I mean I don’t want to criticize people for caring about others, but he takes it to an extreme arrogance. He honestly thinks he can solve all the problems in the world if people would do exactly what he says and have U pay for it all 2... yikes that’s bad. Anyways, my point on U2 people is that a lot of people say public executions are a bad thing, and I am saying there should be exceptions.

3) Nickleback - Damn you Nickleback... damn you. I will be honest and say that I liked their first cd; although, I have not listened to it in years. I guess the first time something is done is always the best though, because after that it’s all the same if you do not change. Who was the 2nd person to land on the moon? All I’m trying to say is that they keep putting out the same crap over and over. It’s proven just check this link out.
  • Nickelback SUCKS

  • 4) AC/DC - Now this "legendary" band is great in so many people’s eyes and I can’t figure out why. They must put on one hell of a live show, because each song is the same. I mean it’s the same beat, same guitar riffs, and same bass line. I once landed on a song of there’s on the radio during the verses, and I thought it was one of there more popular songs. They are a bit catchy so I listened and planned on chiming in during the chorus (of which I thought I knew since it was a popular song), so when it came time do to so I started singing to it, but when I did I was singing the wrong song. You can chalk that up to not listening to them enough, but I say they all sound alike.

    5) Rolling Stones - Yeah yeah I know, they are considered to be the best or 2nd best band of all time... But why? Is it because of longevity? Is it because they are british and riding the tales of another british rock band? Is it because Keith Richards has been dead for 27 years? No, no, eh.. maybe but probably no. I think it is because of Mick Jagger's purple shirt on there first big hit "satisfaction". By the way "satisfaction" is best featured in the movie "raw deal" (see movies blog). I feel that they have written so many songs in their career, and all but 1 song is just crap. Paint it Black is there only good song they have ever written! And the only reason I probably like that song is because it is played at cool moments in Vietnam movies.

    Unhonorable mention:

    3 Doors Down
    Pappa Roach
    Three Days Grace
    Puddle of Mudd

    Your Welcome,


    5 Albums Every Rock/Music Fan Should Own

    I am a music fan, and am usually very bitter about most music that is made today. Basically, I hate most of it. Because of this, I am always looking for a band or a cd that just stands out and is superb. Therefore, I have made a small list of some of my favorite cd's that I think stand out among all others. Theses bands are nothing spectaculare and are not trying to change the world, but make damn good music that everyone should hear. So here is my list of:

    5 Albums Every Rock/Music Fan Should Own (in no order)
    [EDIT-This is not a list of what I think are the best albums of all time, just five albums most people probably don't have and I think they should, because they are great.]

    Ben Folds–Rockin' The Suburbs [Rock/Light Rock]
    Ben Folds is a great musician and song writer, period. I like most of his work, but Rockin' The Suburbs is a great album from beginning to end. The title track was the first released single, and is probably the most gimmicky and silly. I am guessing that is why it became the single. But, all of his songs are catchy, well composed, and well produced. Every aspect of the album is worth listening too, and you need to listen to each song 2 or 3 times for everything to sink in. The more you listen to this album, the more you appreciate it and what Ben Folds is doing.

    Billy Talent–Billy Talent [Punk/Screamo/Heavy Rock]
    I am always in the mood to listen to this cd. I have to say though, Billy Talent can be an acquired taste. The lead singers voice can rub you the wrong way quickly. Personally, I love it, because it is full of emotion and by no means takes anything away from their songs. They were formally known as Pezz and dabbled mostly in punk and ska. With the new name adaptation came a harder sound with keeping basic roots, but their songs are anything but basic. As you listen to their songs, they will throw in riffs, and quick changes and chord progressions that will make your head spin. Just when you thought you knew where they were going, they punch you in the face and go the other way. Songs are very well written and have deep meanings to them, but not deep enough to distract you from hearing and enjoying them.

    Toadies–Rubberneck [Rock]
    This is a band that most people have heard, but don't know who they are. Their most popular song, Possum Kingdom, is usually sung along to by most people when it comes on the radio. For simple power chord rock, Toadies are anything but. From beginning to end, every song on the album is worthy of listening to, and will get your foot tapping and head bobbing. The structure system of their songs is repetitive, but you don't notice because they are composed so well. Lyrics sometimes don't make sense, but I don't think their trying to send a certain message, or at least important enough to research them to figure them out. When the cd is over, chances are, you will start it over again.

    Old 97's–Satellite Rides [Country Rock]
    When your in the mood to just chill out and listen to some upbeat music, Old 97's hits the spot. Energetic, fun, and full of surprises, Satellite Rides is the cd you pop in when the group can't decide on what to play. This album ranges between light rock, to country, to sappy love songs. All of Old 97's albums are consistanly good, but Satellite Rides seems to be just different enough that I play it the most. Rhett Miller (lead singer) is an excellent song writer, and is a master of using metaphor and making simple comments meaningful and complex. I guarantee, if you listen to this album, you will find a song you can relate too.

    Queens of the Stone Age–Songs for the Deaf [Rock/Hard Rock]
    These guys have been around for a while, but have really broken through in the past few years. I have to admit, I have only been listening to them since the release of this album. Since then, I have checked out previous cd's and continue to buy their new stuff, but Songs for the Def really nails it. The album as a whole has the theme of someone listening to the radio. Between tracks you hear other stations bleed through as the listener tunes the dial. Every now and then, a DJ will announce songs. But, this isn't what makes the cd great. The momentum of fastly driven songs carries on throughout the whole album. Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters, Nirvana) sat in and played drums for this album, and he brought mucho mucho energy to the table. Also, this was the last cd their bassist was in and he brought a lot of energy as well. Get ready to pump your fist for the next 50 minutes or so.

    So the way I see it, you can't call yourself a fan of music or rock until you at least hear this albums. Because I said so, and I am always correct.

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