Monday, December 12, 2005


The Little Things (that bother me) Vol. 1

It’s all the little things in life...that piss me off. Here is a list of things that make me mad on a regular basis.

• Waking up in the morning clueless of what is going on and trying to do some mad guerilla math to maximize the amount of time I can lay in bed before having to put my feet down on a cold hardwood floor.

• Trying to adjust the bathroom mat with my feet, but it not moving, so I am forced to bend down and pick it up to re-adjust it.

• Stepping outside just in time for a hard gust of freezing cold air to hit me.

• Every spring we have a huge mushroom that grows in our yard, and every spring some middle school bastard kicks it.

• Mac computers and their stupid habits of messing up for absolutely no reason at all.

• People who’s driving habits totally change because it is raining. SPEED UP MORONS!

• When you microwave soup and the outer part is scalding hot, while the middle is still freezing cold.

• I love eating Subway, but I HATE smelling like Subway for the rest of the day, no matter how many times you wash your hands, face, or brush teeth.

• Walking through your yard and stepping in dog poop when nobody in your neighborhood owns a dog.

• When my rolling chair won’t roll because it has made divots in the plastic floor mat, and I almost tip over.

• Walking at night time and my face goes right through a spider web.

• When a CD or a DVD skips. But especially DVD’s, because it always happens near the end.

• When you're typing something and you have to rephrase an entire sentence because you can’t spell one certain word.

• No matter how many showers I use, either at hotels, a friends, etc. Never once have I seen the same design twice to turn the shower function on.

• Tony Danza

• People who smoke and think they should have the right to smoke anywhere they want.

• People who call you on the phone, then ask, “Who is this?” Dumbass, you called me, you should know who this is, who the hell are you?

• When I'm working on an ad for someone, and it makes absolutely no sense, so I try to help, and they refuse it. Example: Headline reads "The bases are always loaded with *company name*", but they only list things on first and second. I suggest something I can add on third, and they say "naa, just leave it that way". hehehehe, your an idiot.

Right On,

Theres an old old saying: "If you make one persno laugh today, you're already doing better than Tony Danza."
"When your typing something and you have to rephrase an entire sentence because you can’t spell one certain word."

That's classic, considering the word "your" is mispelled. Did you do that on purpose?
I dont know what your talking about. I think you need to learn to read. :P
Where is the love guys....I dont' see what the problem is? By the way, my dick feels like corn.
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