Monday, December 19, 2005


President Bush

I wanted to comment on president bush. I would consider myself a republician, but I must say that bush is a crooked "giant turd sandwich". I was listening to his comments about the war yesterday, and he said things like we went into iraq for our freedom and to fight terrorism. I would have to say that that is bullshit! who is he trying to kid, I mean I may be the dumbest guy in the world when it comes to politics and I know that this war was all about oil. the bush family profits greatly off of middle eastern oil and we all know it. I guess I know he cant just say that is the reason but I just wish he would man up and tell the real reason. also I must say that when he started talking about the "weapons of mass destruction" and how they were not there and he tried to spin into a positive was freaking hilirous. you know i'm glade we were able to "free Iraq", but do we really know that a democracy is the best for those people? just because it works for us does not mean it works for everyone. Oh well, I just we could let Iraq run Iraq but we have to be sure that the people that will give us the best deals on oil will be in power before we can completely turn over Iraq to Iraqies. Man bush is a dumbass!! What happend to good presidents? Why does every canident have to be a duech?

"There's an old saying in Tennessee; I know it's in Texas, probably in Tennessee; that says, fool me once, shame on... shame on you. Fool me... ... you can't get fooled again." - WOW, what a duechbah!


I like the way everyone gets up in arms about this war being over oil. What's the problem with fighting over oil...would you rather the Iraqis control the prices of oil...more so than they already do. Hell, without oil where would we be? lol, what do you think you put in your car every 3 months? or what do you fill up with every week? All of that is centered around oil...hell I say mass genocide and lets take control of all the oil, but that's just me thinking logically. :)
Although I believe oil does play a role in this war, its not the whole story. There are many good things going on in Iraq that noone knows about. I refuse to base my political opinions on soundbites, celebrities, and MTV. One cannot possibly argue that the system Iraq had in place before the war was better. Let's see..murderous dictator, or freedom..which is better? Saying this is a war for oil oversimplifies what's really going on here. Look at the two main countries that oppose the war, France and Russia. Both countries were in business with Saddam and had much to lose if Saddam was out of power. There is overwhelming proof that Saddam used chemical weapons on his own people. So if he's used them on his own people...chances are he'll use them on others as well. Also, they have found the pieces to make the weapons. So are we supposed to just wait until he officially makes the weapon, and then go after them? As far as fighting the war on terror, where do most of these terrorists come from? The importance our being in Iraq is to have a presence amongst those that hate us most. Keep your friends close but your enemy closer.

whoa whoa whoa....first off, don't spout off on things you don't know about. Not saying that I do, but I'm not making outragous claims. Show me PROOF that the Bush family is profitting from this war.

Also, there are many reasons we went to war in Iraq. Oil may be one of them, but it's not at the top of the list. We KNEW that at one time Irag had WMD's because WE GAVE THEM TO THEM. However, recently intelligance said he still did. A week or so ago, Bush ON CAMERA admitted that the intelligence was wrong and he took responisibilty for sending troops to Iraq. Now then, just because we find out all the info is incorrect, we can't just pull out. We can't go in and destroy a country and just leave and say, "Alright suckers, fix it yourself." We have to stay and finish what we started even if the justification isn't as strong as in the beginning. If we didn't follow through, then every single person who died, would have died for no reason at all.

Now for the oil thing.
1. Gas prices are high NOT because of this war. While the war may play a part, it is not the sole reason. Asia and Eastern Europe are going through a sort of Industrial Revolution, so demand for oil is higher. Oil companies seeing this, they have raised the price.

2. We are not in Iraq for oil. It is a side-objective since Hussein's money all came from the oil industry. Part of shutting down Saddam's government is controlling oil.

ALSO...I don't care if you hate Bush or love him, you have to take into consideration all of the things against him. Then rethink how he has performed.

9-11, Enron and following stock market investigations, 2 major hurricanes, a war, every single person in mainstream media constantly commenting on how dumb you are and how shitty of a job your doing just because they voted for Al Gore 8 years ago and feel they got screwed.

So lets break down some points here.
George Bush - Hated by Mainstream
Bill Clinton - Loved by Mainstream
GB - Accepts responsibility for OTHERS mistakes about weapons.

BC - Gets a blow job and lies about it under oath in a FEDERAL COURT.
GB - Bombs Iraq because of threat they might have WMD

BC - Bombs Iraq becase media found out he got a blow job
GW - Has a shady past, admits it, moves on.

BC - Has a shady past, admits it, DOESN'T move on, gets a blow job in the OVAL OFFICE.

So basically it's like this. We elect people to represent us as a country. That is basic reason why we vote. Who do you want to represent you? THEIR ARE 3 PARTS OF GOVERNMENT THAT CONTROL THIS COUNTRY PEOPLE, NOT JUST THE PRESIDENT! Anythiing the president does, has to be passed by congress.

I guess if you want to blame Bush for everything wrong in the world that's fine...but your an idiot for blindly believing so. Go ahead and next time elect someone who constantly lies about their actions.

George Bush is being punished for being honest and forward.

I am ashamed of the direction this country is headed in. A bunch of greedy, money grubbing bastards who only think about making more and more money. They want everything NOW NOW NOW. They don't realize that good things take time. We can't go into Iraq and POOF, all better. Stupid motherfuckers, I hate people.

(This rant is not directed towards uberred personally. I just get pissed about the subject matter.)
alright listen, just because i may not know/care about poltics like you guys, but that does not mean i cant comment on what i see. for the record, i never compared clinton to bush nor did i say that gore would be better than bush. and i could care less if we fought this war just over oil... if it benifits me, fine. i just hate how phony politics are. but since thats never going to change i like to see a guy that is confident when he talks. i get uneasy when listening to bush, it is just so awekward and his little grin just makes me not believe anything he says. and do you really care that clinton got a BJ, i mean come on. i dont even cared he lied about it in FEDERAL COURT. "what a political figure lied... whaaaat." I know the president cant do what what he wants and congress and the senate has to pass stuff but a hooker there a couple grand there and boom somethings passed. just my opinion.

after saying all of that, none of that was really the point of the article in the first place. the point i was trying to make is just the fact that i hate the why politics are. were they really so shaddy back in the day?
I got ya. and for the record..yes I do have a problem with Clinton getting a BJ then lieing about it in a federal court. How can you trust someone who blatently lies to you. My point in that analogy was that Clinton was a HUGE phony, but people loved him...while Bush hasn't lied and people hate him. I say he hasn't lied, because, it's not lieing if you believe it to be true...and from the info given to him, it was true.

I understand what you mean though. I hate how dirty politicians are too, but I look at like this. The way our government works, even with all the crooked and dirty people doing bad things, we still have the best and most efficient government in the world IMO.

But also, remember that Bush is a "War Time President" so the country will almost always be torn on everything he does. Over all, I think he has done all right. Every person has priorities and goals for what they want to do. When he became president, I'm sure the last thing he expected was what all has happend the last 4 years. So his goals will never be reached and it has probably off centered his ideas of what needs to be done.

Give the guy a break.
First of all, I'd like to say that yes, Bush is an idiot, and anyone who voted for him 2nd term is an idiot. I'm ashamed that our country's international credibility has been ruined by an incompitent president. I agree that if you truly believe what you are saying, you're not lying. But misleading America with false information is every bit as bad as lying. It was Bush's responsibilty to double and triple check intelligence that might lead us to war, but the intelligence didn't even matter anyway. Bush was making preparations to go to war his first month in office, and when 9/11 happened, that gave him a lame excuse. And I don't want to hear that we are liberating the Iraqi people. Fuck them. If they want to put up with Saddam, let them. We're not world police. Iraq is a soveriegn nation and has every right to have a dictatorship. Unfortunately we're now stuck in the middle of this huge mess, and we can't pull out now. If we pulled out now, we'd ruin the last shreds of credibility we have left. It's true that every member of the U.S. military is enlisted voluntarily, but this administration is putting our military at an unnecessary risk by not having an exit strategy. Without an exit strategy, things will eventually get to the point where we have two options: A. We have to reinstate the draft because of decreased enlistment and casualties, and everyone at home will hate the government or B. We pull out completely and cut our losses, which will cause the international community (especially the middle east) to hate us even more causing increased risk for terrorism. We can't win a war without the support of the people, and this war gets less popular everyday.

I hope to God this war isn't about oil, but I know it is, and that disgusts me. I'm digusted that the US has its largest defecit ever. We're spending billions on this war when there are problems at home with health care, education, and social security.

In 1776 we started a war because we didn't want to be controlled by a foriegn government. Fastforward 230 years, and we're the foriegn government. That scares the hell out of me. On one hand, I'm extremely proud of everything our country is supposed to stand for, but on the other hand, i'm extremely ashamed of what the USA has become. Our only hope is that next election someone will run for president who is actually qualified (John McCain). People need to start voting with their heads instead of their fears.

A few quick reasons going to war was a mistake:
-no UN support
-no WMD's
-bad intelligence
-against international law to start a preventative war
-our troops are ill equipped
-we were already fighting a war in afghanistan
-George Bush thought it was a good idea

dammit red, this topic is the reason i made the politics blog
thats a nice list of why we shouldn't go to war...where is the list of what you suggest we do.....?
The weapons of mass destruction are real. Iraq isn't the only one out there with them either. I feel that it's going to take a missile wiping out the west coast before people understand this. And there's really nothing funny about a liberal agenda driven media trying to convince everyone otherwise.

Oh, and Bill Clinton's biggest blunder had nothing to do with his "relations" but more to do with him trading classified weapon information to China for campaign contributions. Bush might be a moron, but Clinton is a traitor and a coward that belongs in jail. If Bush went to war for the oil, throw him in jail too. I seriously doubt that his intention for going was for the oil -- honestly, my non-expert opinion believes that he rushed into it trying to act all strong against the war on terrorism and got in way too deep way too quick. That's all I've got on that. Man I hate politics. Give me religion or sports anyday. In politics, you are always rooting for a liar and a cheat it seems..but then again, in sports, you end up rooting for a team full of married guys who like to have orgies on boats.
Man, if i was president, I'd be getting uberhead all the time and not even caring what the country thought. I kind of get the impression that's how Clinton was. IN regards to Bush, this is an accurate representation of what's going through his head at any given time.

"Me hungry, breathe in, me hungry, breathe out."
I'm not going to get in an argument about Clinton. He was a douche. I'll just say this: during Clinton's administration, our country had money. Under W's administration, we currently have the largest defecit we've ever had.

As far as a plan for pulling out of Iraq, I'm not going to pretend like I have an answer. That's the war department's job. I'm not even sure there is an answer. I think we might be fucked no matter what.

Even if Iraq had WMD's, which they didn't. That is not a valid reason for going to war. We have more WMD's than anyone. What if some country invaded us because of that? You have to step back and look at this whole thing from an international point of view.

The legitimacy of a war has a direct correlation with whether or not it is winnable. For example:

Revolutionary, legitimate, we won

War of 1812, legitimate, we won

Civil War, legitimate, we won

WWI, legitimate, we won

WWII, legitimate, we won

Vietnam, illegitimate, we lost

Gulf War, legitimate, we won

Current War, illegitimate...
Why is no UN support such a bad thing, and who's to say we didn't? We're looking at a small number of countries that opposed this war. The only reason the UN did not send troops in is because France vetoed it repeatedly. The US gives more money and troops to the UN than any other country. The UN has Libya heading up the human rights council, and at one point China was on this council as well. That's a joke. That's like having the Minnesota Vikings teach classes on abstinence (Sorry Walk..I had to..Go BEARS!)..As far Iraq having the right to have a dictator and they can put up with Saddam...I'm gonna take a stab at this and say that the Iraqi people didn't really "choose" to have a dictator.
As far as the problems we have at home, we have to solve the problems instead of throwing money at them. We increase spending on education every single year, and yet education is viewed as a major problem year in and year out. I'm gonna say that there's plenty of money there, its not being spent wisely. But I'll stop typing for now so we can debate domestic issues on the politics blog.
Crap forgot to sign that last one,

"We have more WMD's than anyone. What if some country invaded us because of that?"

We are not going around and threatening people though. You said the Gulf War was legit. Whyt were we so "rightous" then, and not now? Same place, same principal.

And if you want to talk about UN and Jokes, UN is just a HUGE joke. F them.
Actually, we had an actual reason for going to war with Iraq the first time: they invaded Kuwait, we drove Iraq out of Kuwait, mission accomplished. It wasn't quite the same.

I know the Iraqi people may not have chosen a dictator. That's their problem, but you know what? Maybe a dictatorship is better for Iraq than a democracy. At least there was order under Saddam's regime. My point is, we can't be world police, because if we start going to war with every country with a dictator or corrupt government, there would be no end. Liberation is not a valid reason for starting a war.

Yes, the UN is a joke. We asked for UN support, didn't get it, and went to war anyway. Do you think Canada would have initiated something like that? no. When we disregard the UN like that, other countries see that as the arrogance of the US. It's just bad PR in a world where so many people already hate us.

I'm not saying we should just throw money at our domestic problems. Of course we need real solutions, but more money wouldn't hurt. Look at social security, if we had all the money we've spent on the war, social security would be fine. Instead social security is running out.

P.S. I like Ham
Social Security is running out because the "Baby Boomer" generations are starting to dip into it, among other things. Besides, just because money is being put into a war (no matter legit or not) it's not all being wasted. A lot of it is going into technology research and other things like that. Plus paying soldiers is a fortune, they get paid quit a bit, and they should be. I understand what you mean though about spending all that money that could go to something better, but there are also many, MANY, things the government wastes money on that could go to better things.

Also, I would just like to add a little personal comment to this debate about Iraq vs USA. I think a lot of it comes down to religion. We are mostly a Christian country as middle east countries are muslim, hindu, whatever. We are not scared to stand up for what we believe in, and if it mean the chance of us losing our lives, for the benefit of others, so be it. The question is..."Do you know what will happen after you die?" As Christians, I would have to say... yeah, we know what will happen. Now then...can muslims do that? I don't think they can. They don't have that confidence therefore will not stand up for their convictions. For that reason, I don't think we should be over there helping them forcefully. Let them help themselves. Jesus Christ died so His children could live. I don't think we should die so that THEY could live. If they wouldn't die for themselves, why should we.

IMO, start droppin bombs, meltdown the entire middle east and do the whole world a favor.
I enjoy a fine ham as well. Haha..I made you guys think i actually had something to say.

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