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5 Albums Every Rock/Music Fan Should Own

I am a music fan, and am usually very bitter about most music that is made today. Basically, I hate most of it. Because of this, I am always looking for a band or a cd that just stands out and is superb. Therefore, I have made a small list of some of my favorite cd's that I think stand out among all others. Theses bands are nothing spectaculare and are not trying to change the world, but make damn good music that everyone should hear. So here is my list of:

5 Albums Every Rock/Music Fan Should Own (in no order)
[EDIT-This is not a list of what I think are the best albums of all time, just five albums most people probably don't have and I think they should, because they are great.]

Ben Folds–Rockin' The Suburbs [Rock/Light Rock]
Ben Folds is a great musician and song writer, period. I like most of his work, but Rockin' The Suburbs is a great album from beginning to end. The title track was the first released single, and is probably the most gimmicky and silly. I am guessing that is why it became the single. But, all of his songs are catchy, well composed, and well produced. Every aspect of the album is worth listening too, and you need to listen to each song 2 or 3 times for everything to sink in. The more you listen to this album, the more you appreciate it and what Ben Folds is doing.

Billy Talent–Billy Talent [Punk/Screamo/Heavy Rock]
I am always in the mood to listen to this cd. I have to say though, Billy Talent can be an acquired taste. The lead singers voice can rub you the wrong way quickly. Personally, I love it, because it is full of emotion and by no means takes anything away from their songs. They were formally known as Pezz and dabbled mostly in punk and ska. With the new name adaptation came a harder sound with keeping basic roots, but their songs are anything but basic. As you listen to their songs, they will throw in riffs, and quick changes and chord progressions that will make your head spin. Just when you thought you knew where they were going, they punch you in the face and go the other way. Songs are very well written and have deep meanings to them, but not deep enough to distract you from hearing and enjoying them.

Toadies–Rubberneck [Rock]
This is a band that most people have heard, but don't know who they are. Their most popular song, Possum Kingdom, is usually sung along to by most people when it comes on the radio. For simple power chord rock, Toadies are anything but. From beginning to end, every song on the album is worthy of listening to, and will get your foot tapping and head bobbing. The structure system of their songs is repetitive, but you don't notice because they are composed so well. Lyrics sometimes don't make sense, but I don't think their trying to send a certain message, or at least important enough to research them to figure them out. When the cd is over, chances are, you will start it over again.

Old 97's–Satellite Rides [Country Rock]
When your in the mood to just chill out and listen to some upbeat music, Old 97's hits the spot. Energetic, fun, and full of surprises, Satellite Rides is the cd you pop in when the group can't decide on what to play. This album ranges between light rock, to country, to sappy love songs. All of Old 97's albums are consistanly good, but Satellite Rides seems to be just different enough that I play it the most. Rhett Miller (lead singer) is an excellent song writer, and is a master of using metaphor and making simple comments meaningful and complex. I guarantee, if you listen to this album, you will find a song you can relate too.

Queens of the Stone Age–Songs for the Deaf [Rock/Hard Rock]
These guys have been around for a while, but have really broken through in the past few years. I have to admit, I have only been listening to them since the release of this album. Since then, I have checked out previous cd's and continue to buy their new stuff, but Songs for the Def really nails it. The album as a whole has the theme of someone listening to the radio. Between tracks you hear other stations bleed through as the listener tunes the dial. Every now and then, a DJ will announce songs. But, this isn't what makes the cd great. The momentum of fastly driven songs carries on throughout the whole album. Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters, Nirvana) sat in and played drums for this album, and he brought mucho mucho energy to the table. Also, this was the last cd their bassist was in and he brought a lot of energy as well. Get ready to pump your fist for the next 50 minutes or so.

So the way I see it, you can't call yourself a fan of music or rock until you at least hear this albums. Because I said so, and I am always correct.

Right On,

I would have to agree that those 5 albums are very good and should be heard by all at least once. its a damn shame that none of those bands will ever reach the popularity of N'Sync.


Well i would have to say if the 0ld 97's were good they would have made it a little more mainstream. Don't get me wrong, i'm not saying that all mainstream bands are good. HOWEVA most good bands are mainstream. So to attempt not to hold anything back, i really dislike the old 97's. To be honest...i don't know much toadies and i'm fine with that. Billy Talent is a KEEEEEEPER, love it over and over again. Queens of the stone age i have some mixed emotions on that stuff. I can find a good one here and there for the majority i could do without. Ben folds, i like the dude and he has talent, but i wouldn't put him as a must. So i'll do EVERYONE a service and list my 5, in no particular order.

• Live - Throwing Copper
• White Zombie – Astrocreep
• Chevelle – Wonder What's Next
• Smashing Pumpkins – Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness
• Metallica – The Black Album

Honestly, it's hard to list just those 5, but i think it blends a nice mix of everything in there...live something softer, zombie something a little more techno, chevelle something a little newer and hard, pumpkins something for everyone, and metallica something classic.

i really want to listen to those cd's now.


Good picks and good points.

my 5 albums every music lover should own

in no order:

The Cars - Greatest Hits
Halo 2 - sound track
OEAJ - inside jokes
OEAJ - Old People are Bitter
Grease - soundtrack

First of all, I'd like to say to Brad: If you're so smart, how come you live in an igloo? Anyway, narrowing this list down to five is too hard for me, so I made a list of 10.

Now for my top 10:
*I'm leaving out anything incredibly obvious. For example: Sgt. Pepper's (or any Beatles for that matter), Dark Side of the Moon, or anything you guys have already mentioned.

1. Billy Bragg & Wilco - Mermaid Avenue
This is the album where Billy Bragg and Wilco took unfinished Woody Guthrie songs, finished them, and recorded them. The musicians stay true to the original folky style of Guthrie while adding a new sense of relevance and rock to the music.

2. Bob Marley (& the Wailers) - Legend
I'm not sure if this counts since it is a 'best of', but I don't care because it's the best damn reggae compilation ever made.

3. Chris Cornell - Euphoria Morning
You guys might disagree with me on this one, but I picked this instead of any Soundgarden or Audioslave for a few reasons. First of all, instead of screaming, Cornell sings almost every song. You get to hear just how good his voice really is.
Second, without a band, he has no one to compromise with, and the album is better for it. There is a sense of intimacy to this album that eludes all of his other work.

4. Derek & the Dominoes - Layla & Other Assorted Love Songs
I think this is easily the best record Clapton has ever made, and the fact that he made it with a great band and the greatest slide guitar player that ever lived doesn't hurt.

5. Weezer - Pinkerton
The most raw sounding Weezer record, Pinkerton has something that Weezer's other albums don't: depth, key changes, and slide guitar.

6. The Beach Boys - Pet Sounds
This album is the culmination of all Brian Wilson's musical genius and was a huge influence on The Beatles in making Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.

7. Saves The Day - Stay What You Are
This is probably the best pop/punk record I've ever heard. It's filled with great songs, and no matter how many times I listen to it, it never gets old.

8. Tom Petty - Wildflowers
The best album by one of America's greatest singer/songwriters. Plus it's got "You Don't Know How It Feels"

9. The Verve - Urban Hymns
This is one of the best albums of the 90's even though it is sadly overlooked. Probably because everyone who liked "Bitter Sweet Symphony" went out and bought the Cruel Intentions Soundtrack instead of the album.

10. Radiohead - The Bends
Anyone who's heard this album needs no explanation.

I think you guys had some good picks, but obviously mine are better, Brenton.
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