Friday, December 23, 2005


Don Dohler Collection!?

Thats right...I said it. I just bought a Don Dohler collection on ebay. It comes with two DVD's of which he wrote and directed the movies. They look spectacular. For more information on Don Dohler, check out our Bad Movie blog, scroll to the bottom, and click the Galaxy Invader link. Also, I've set a goal for myself to own all of Steven Seagal's far I have 9/25. UberRed, you better get in gear and start finding some Van Damme movies.

Right on,

Now that's commitment! Steven is so sexy.
well i have been thinking about the van damme, and i dont really think his movies are equal value to stevens. van damme movies are not good but most of them are not bad either. i'll be happy to collect all of chuck norris movies though.
damn it UberRed, I doubt you are on a first name basis with Steven Seagal. So call him by his name, Steven Seagal. You are lucky he isn't here to chop you in the throat.
Well if you end up collecting Mr. Norris's movies, you can't forget this gem of a movie/self help video.
well first i forgot how to spell his last name (seagal) and didnt feel like looking it up because i'm lazy. 2nd, what is all that geberish xcloser2godx
ok now thats a funny picture!
Yeah, for some reason teh html tags for hotlinking is not active on the comment side section. But if you double click on the url it should highlight all of it, then you can just cut 'n paste it into the address bar. Thought that was a worthwhile movie to have.
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