Tuesday, December 06, 2005


5 Most Overrated Bands

These are the groups that have gotten a "mainstream" label and in my opinion are not deserving of it with no reasonable explanation but is right because I say it is so. I will say that these bands are based on album releases and radio releases only. Live shows almost always make (real) bands better. One more thing, these are actual bands not boy bands or individual artists.


1) Godsmack- if there is a definition of crap this group may be it. I don’t understand why people listen and like them. The lead vocals are unbearable to listen to, each song is very similar, and they feel that if you tune your guitar low enough it makes up for poor and basic playing.

2) U2 - Its hard to diminish an entire band because of their lead singer, but bono is the most hypocritical person in the world! He prances around in his sun glasses telling everyone to care about the world in the mean time charging 100-200 dollars a ticket to see them perform. I mean I don’t want to criticize people for caring about others, but he takes it to an extreme arrogance. He honestly thinks he can solve all the problems in the world if people would do exactly what he says and have U pay for it all 2... yikes that’s bad. Anyways, my point on U2 people is that a lot of people say public executions are a bad thing, and I am saying there should be exceptions.

3) Nickleback - Damn you Nickleback... damn you. I will be honest and say that I liked their first cd; although, I have not listened to it in years. I guess the first time something is done is always the best though, because after that it’s all the same if you do not change. Who was the 2nd person to land on the moon? All I’m trying to say is that they keep putting out the same crap over and over. It’s proven just check this link out.
  • Nickelback SUCKS

  • 4) AC/DC - Now this "legendary" band is great in so many people’s eyes and I can’t figure out why. They must put on one hell of a live show, because each song is the same. I mean it’s the same beat, same guitar riffs, and same bass line. I once landed on a song of there’s on the radio during the verses, and I thought it was one of there more popular songs. They are a bit catchy so I listened and planned on chiming in during the chorus (of which I thought I knew since it was a popular song), so when it came time do to so I started singing to it, but when I did I was singing the wrong song. You can chalk that up to not listening to them enough, but I say they all sound alike.

    5) Rolling Stones - Yeah yeah I know, they are considered to be the best or 2nd best band of all time... But why? Is it because of longevity? Is it because they are british and riding the tales of another british rock band? Is it because Keith Richards has been dead for 27 years? No, no, eh.. maybe but probably no. I think it is because of Mick Jagger's purple shirt on there first big hit "satisfaction". By the way "satisfaction" is best featured in the movie "raw deal" (see movies blog). I feel that they have written so many songs in their career, and all but 1 song is just crap. Paint it Black is there only good song they have ever written! And the only reason I probably like that song is because it is played at cool moments in Vietnam movies.

    Unhonorable mention:

    3 Doors Down
    Pappa Roach
    Three Days Grace
    Puddle of Mudd

    Your Welcome,

    haha yes sir. You forgot Kiss and Dope. "Lick it Up" is the worste song ever written, and Dope just down right sucks hardcore.

    you have to give Kiss credit, i mean any band that makes more money off action figures than albums is awesome.

    *rock fist*

    i guess you got me there.

    DAng this posting system sucks
    About that nickleback link, all i can say is wow. I thought i knew but i had no idea. -brenton
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