Tuesday, December 06, 2005


Record Companies Suck

3 years ago, Jerry Cantrell (formerly of Alice in Chains) released his 2nd solo album, titled Degradation Trip, through Roadrunner Records. It was publicized that it was originally intended to be a double album but was split into two parts at the demand of Roadrunner. The second half (Degradation Trip vol. 2) was to follow 6 months after the release of Degradation Trip.
After buying the first album of the two part series, I eagerly awaited the second album. After waiting 6 months and hearing nothing of the second album, I checked into it and found that there would be no Degradation Trip vol. 2. There would only be a new double album titled Degradation Trip volumes 1&2 with a resequenced running order, which would have been fine if I hadn't already bought the first album. Fuck that. They're not tricking me into paying for the same thing twice.

2 years ago, Ryan Adams was supposed to come out with a new album titled Love Is Hell. Lost Highway Records shelved the record saying that it wasn't main stream enough. So, Adams agreed to record and release an entirely different album (Rock N Roll) if Lost Highway would release Love Is Hell as a 2 part EP. After releasing Rock N Roll and both Love Is Hell EP's, Lost Highway released the Love Is Hell LP including all songs that were included on the 2 EP's along with one new song. Fuck those guys. I'm not paying for the same shit twice just for one new song.

In conclusion, I'd like to say that the way the record companies marketed their products in these two situations was very deceitful. I was just thinking about how I'm still pissed about that and felt like it should be a blog topic.

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That does suck. I was wondering what happened to the 2nd Jerry Cantrell album. I wouldn't pay for it either.
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