Monday, December 26, 2005


All FOXed Up.

What is the deal with the FOX channel. It used to be a strong channel with strong line ups and shows, but now it is the land of the dead. I remember a few years ago when Family Guy was first on, it was awesome. Only, I never really knew when it was on. Sometimes it was, sometimes it wasn't. I think that is one of the reasons it was cancelled. But the, Cartoon Network started syndicating the show, and on a regular schedule. The show blew up. When I found out they were bringing Family Guy back I was pumped, but then I learned they were going to bring it FOX.....WTF? And sure enough, I never know when there are new episodes, or when they are on. They advertise it to be at 8, but due to football games running late, and regular "specials" it is never on at eight. At least Adult Swim shows new episodes on THURSDAY at 10.

Point two...Arrested Development. This show is great. UberDustin once said "...this is some of the best writing since Seinfeld [paraphrase]", and I agree. This show is smart and hilarious. It had a great timespot at Sunday evenings. But FOX said...eeh, lets move it to Tuesday and introduce a new show. Guess what, Arrested Development got cancelled, and I'm guessing it's replacement, "The War at Home" will be soon. There is a ray of hope, because I've heard that Arrested Development might get picked up by a cable channel.

I HATE FOX and they don't deserve good programming like Family Guy, Arrested Development, and COPS. They should just stick to making crappy reality shows that only last one season because they suck.

Right on,

I totally agree with your post/thoughts on Family Guy returning to FOX. They were given their chance at the Holy Grail of cartoon sitcoms....but they botched it, so they shouldn't be given another chance.

I say let them keep rehashing the Simpsons over and over.....that show isn't even remotely funny anymore. Time to stick a fork in Bart, he's done.
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