Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Hey Celebs...SHUT THE F*** UP!

Check this out.

  • Article In Question

  • Alright, this is just ridiculous.
    1. Celebrities putting their noses where they don't belong pisses me off.
    2. PETA pisses me off.

    Let us break down exactly what Mrs. Anderson is saying here.
    Quote: [She responded to the governor's decision in a letter Tuesday, saying Sanders' chief legacy is a company "that mutilates God's creatures."]
    First off, if there was EVER someone that DIDN'T have the right to talk about "mutilating God's creatures", it is Pamela Anderson. As much plastic surgery that she has had, she herself has become a mutilation of one of God's creatures. Given, she is smokin hot, it doesn't change the fact. The only thing that would make her case look better is if Michael Jackson told her to lay off the plastic surgery.

    Quote: [
    Among her claims, she said workers in a slaughterhouse in West Virginia have been filmed tearing the heads off live birds, spitting tobacco in their eyes and boiling the chickens alive in tanks of scalding water.]
    Tearing the heads off live birds? Well, yeah, that is one of the most common ways of preparing a chicken for cooking. Grab it's head, swing it above your head a few times, pluck it's feathers, and eat it.
    Spitting tobacco in their eyes? Come on...seriously? Something about that one just seems retarded. For some reason I am going to doubt this one. If the employees of this place are chewing tobacco while cleaning and cooking chicken, then this place has more than one problem. Also, spitting in the chickens eyes. Have you ever seen a chicken, and noticed how small their eyes are? You would basically have to be making out with the chicken to spit in it's eyes directly.
    Boiling the chickens alive in tanks of scalding water. Again, I don't believe this. If this happened, those people would have a huge mess on their hands, like feathers all over the place and what not. And anyone who would do this would be WAAAY to lazy to clean it up. Thus, it would never happen, or they wouldn't have a job afterwards.

    If anything, I bet those damned PETA people planted workers in that place to do bad things, just to catch them on tape.

    If you ask me KFC might be one of the more disgusting places to eat out there, but I will be DAMNED if I let Pam Anderson take em down. Bitch...go back to making Playboy spreads and homemade porn since that is all you are good at.

    Right on,

    I like KFC. Anyway, does a chicken really care how you killed it when it's in my belly? Having said that, the way chickens are farmed these days is pretty disgusting, but that ain't the Colonel's fault. You gotta love the Colonel... even though he puts an addictive chemical in his chicken that makes you crave it fortnightly.
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