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Seriously, why do all dealership commercials make me want to throw my TV out the window. They are horrible. You got some creepy chubby guy yelling at you to come by and look and his cars. How would you respond to someone doing that to you in real life? So why do they do it on TV?? They are all done with cheap editing and graphics and sound effects that echoe for eternity. I'm not EVEN going to get into the Expressway guy. God help him if I ever see him in public.

Last night I saw a commercial that just simply blew my brain out the back of my head and splattered onto my wall. I will paraphrase what the guy says:

"When your looking for a restaurant to eat at, do you choose the place with a line out the door, or the one with nobody in it? hehe Well, looking for a car is the same way."

1. I don't understand what you mean with your analogy with the restaurants.
A. I don't choose restaurant 1 with a line because it is so crowded
B. I do choose restaurant 1 with a line because the food must be excellent and worth the wait.
C. I don't choose restaurant 2 with nobody there because the food obviously sucks
D. I do choose restaurant 2 with nobody there because there is no wait.

Right away, I hate this guy and refuse to even consider to go there when car shopping.

2. How does this philosophy apply to buying a car? I guess it depends on which of the four answers the guy was looking for when he asked his stupid question. Do I go to the dealership that is too busy to help me?, or do I go to the dealership that no-one goes to because they suck? Whatever, your an idiot dude.

And just to boot, they guy was super creepy. He looked liked the kind of guy that would hit on you to try to persuade you into buying a car using his super charm. This dude was greasy looking.

Right On,

lol, I've yet to see this one. What dealership is this for? Also, it's hot Don.
Well, the commercial I saw was from a place in Marion Illinois.

And I can tolerate Don Moore commercials. He has some class and is not obnoxious like most dealerships. Besides, it wouldn't be summer without hearing "It's Hot Don!"

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