Saturday, January 14, 2006


Stupid Girl on Facebook

Here is a message that was sent to me on Facebook, and my response. This only makes it easier for me to hate people in general, but more importantly, people from Indiana.

01.13.06 11:01pm Joyce: Hello. If you created the group "Fuck liberals" I would just like to tell you that in your description of the group you made a grammatical error. It should actually read "for those WHO...." instead of "for those THAT..." The proper pronoun to use when talking about people is "who" rather than "that." I think people would take you and your group more seriously if you used proper grammar when taking your stand on political issues. Just a little bit of advice from me here at IWU.


01.14.06 7:41pm Brian: Actually, I learned just a few weeks ago that I am an admin. I have no idea why. I didn't create the group and really don't have anything to do with it other than I am in it....and I do hate liberals. I also don't really care enough about it to change stuff in it. But apparently, you are a liberal (even thought you claim to be moderate) and took offense to the group and found it important to make fun of me, so for that reason, I will make a point not to change it just because it bugs you. I will also offer some advice to you. Pull the stick out of your ass, quit trolling facebook to point out stupid mistakes, and don't send me stupid annoying messages that waste my time.

Thank you,

That'll show her Brian. :) Man I love hate mail.
I wasn't trying to "show her". I just thought the whole thing was humerous.
for those that/who...???

Fill in the rest Brian..depending on the rest of the clause, you may be able to smoke her on a "who" vs. "whom" argument, and that would probably be quite enjoyable for you.

How funny is this really...a group has a name with an F-bomb in the title, and she thinks you would get more respect with correct grammar?? Come on, she has to be somebody with major insecurities thinking that by playing grammar police she can make herself feel better by putting down others...
"for those that just hate bitching"
is the line she was talking about.

Ok forget the "whom" vs. "who" possibility. "Who" is the winner, but man, "that" sure sounds better. That was quite the humorous story though.
Ha! what a bitch
Just tell her to shove a cotton ball up her cooch and shut up next time.
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