Sunday, February 12, 2006


Close Encounters of the Dohler Kind Vol. 2

I have received an email from the man himself, Don Dohler. I just thought I would share.

Thanks for writing. Unfortunately, I no longer own the rights to Galaxy Invader. I sold them to Wade Williams about eight years ago and so far, he's only put it out on video, not DVD.

Our film Harvesters is actually an updating and remake of Blood Massacre, a movie I made in 1987. (Blood Massacre, ironically, was just released to DVD on a collection called "Serial Psychos." It came out last Tuesday.)

We've actually considered doing a remake of Fiend, but we feel our efforts are better spent making new movies.

Don Dohler

Right on,

I'm gonna feel bad if Mr. Dohler ever reads are reviews of his movies... but then again he might just enjoy the fact that someone watched his movies and then commented on them.
Believe me...if he did read our reviews, I'm sure it wouldn't be the first time he read something like that. He knows they make B movies, but that is why I enjoy them.

B movies? I'd say more like F- , but that's awesome that he e-mailed you back. I can't believe he sold the rights to Galaxy Invader. Not only is he a terrible film maker, but he's also a sell-out.
Dude, you should e-mail him back and ask how difficult it would be to get the rights to make a galaxy invader II. I bet we could film the whole thing in one weekend.
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Carriage House Records/Uberhaters Productions presents: Galaxy Invader II - J.J. to the Rescue

I bet we could get the rights for a couple of grand (which would be a rip-off)
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