Saturday, February 11, 2006


Close Encounters of the Dohler Kind

UberBrenton and I (UberBrian) were sitting around talking about Don Dohler movies, and got on the subject of Galaxy Invader and how there should, and could be a sequal. Well, I thought, "..ya know, it's not like Don Dohler is a super star, we could probably find his phone number on the internet and tell him ourselves." So we looked. I expected to not find anything, but figured, eh...we got nothing else to do right now.

We didn't find his number, BUT we did find a name we recognized. Greg Dohler
. Now, I didn't know if Greg is Don's son, or what the relation is, but Greg is in all three of the movies we have seen so far. So I call ol' Greg up, not knowing if it is even the same guy. Again, I expected it to be just some guy who shares the name.

A lady answers and I ask for Greg to which she so politely says, "yeah, hold on." From here on out I will try my best to re-enact (type) our conversation

Greg: Hello?
me: Hi Greg?
Greg: yes?
me: Is this the same Greg from Galaxy Invader?
Greg: Who is this?
me: A huge fan of Galaxy Invader and other Don Dohler this the same Greg?
me: aaahhh man...awesome.

The rest is kinda hard to remember because I went a little fanboy on him for a second. And I was so surprised that it actually WAS him, I didn't really know what to say.

I told him we liked watching the movies he was in, and he said he had "fond memories as kid" making the movies. I told him how there should be a Galaxy Invader two, to which he responded with, "Well, you would have to talk to my dad about that." and he gave me some info on how to contact the man. Well actually, he just told me about the company Mr. Dohler started, so I looked it up on the internet.

After about a two minute conversation I told him I didn't want to take any more of his time and thanked him for letting us talk to him.

And just for those wondering, the timeframe here from when me and Brenton started talking, to when I hung up the phone with Greg, was about 10 minutes.

Right on,

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