Wednesday, February 08, 2006


A letter to my Enemy...

Dear Bastard who has Underworld,

I've been patiently waiting on you to bring back the DVD Underworld to Movie Gallery so i can take advantage of renting it for free while they have their free gallery rentals going on. However, you've felt the need to keep this movie for the past 3 months. Seriously, how many times can you watch this movie. In this three months i've been waiting to rent the movie i finally found someone to borrow the movie from. Now this matter has moved from what was a case of me wanting to see a movie to a matter of principle here. It's not your movie, TAKE IT BACK A HOLE!! How many times can you jerk off to this movie!! There was no nudity, the fight scenes were ok, but at most it was an average movie. You're being selfish you DVD hogging butt nugget! Bring the movie back and all will be forgiven. Apparently movie gallery doesn't think it's in their best interest to get that movie back, but i'm making it my interest now! I don't know what i'll do, but I promise it won't be nice. Just copy the DVD and bring it back......hell, bring me the dvd and i'll have it copied for you!! I hate you underworld keeping mother F'er. You are selfish and you don't think of others! One day this will all come back and haunt you!!! I swear on all things that are holy you WILL pay!

You're Movie Gallery Enemy,


haa ha! I knew you wanted to see Underworld, so i rented it. I watch it two to three times a day... mmmm Kate Beckinsale in those tight tight pants... thats all i need if ya know what I mean. The real reason i have not returned it is because it is hard for me to walk there, and i just haven't wanted to take the effort to do so.
(What mom? No i'm not watching underworld again. Okay i'll help you shave in just a second.) If you think you can hurt me, your mistaken. I can kick anyones ass. (No, I'm not on a porn site. Yes, I'll log off after i get off (tee hee).) So bring it!! (Mom did you wash my cubs t-shirt yet. It's been a good month. Okay i'm coming to help you shave... is sis in the bath too? cause she needs a good dou...)

J.A.Y. (i'm not gonna put my last name. that way you can't track me down)
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