Monday, February 20, 2006


Reasons the U.S. Is Going to Shit! (Volume 1)

Here it is the early part of 2006, and one would think that the U.S. would be better than it was a decade ago, but it’s not. I am going to list (in no particular order) a few reasons on why we are going down the toilet and what we can do about it.

1.) Reality Television

I’m going to start off with something easy. Frankly the only thing worse on television than reality shows are reality shows with celebrities. I’ll admit that not all reality shows are bad, but when American Idol is the #1 show every year there is a problem. I am quite convinced that no one should ever watch this show outside of the first few episodes, which I don’t even think that should be viewed either, but I will discuses that in just a second. Why on earth are people so intrigued with karaoke / high school talent show singers? I don’t get it. And for those first few episodes with the really bad singers, well it’s all fake! There is no way people can think they are good and be that bad. Fox knows what people like and they find people to go on and make an ass of them selves. If these people honestly don’t know they are that bad of singers, then they should be sent to retardville! A lot of the Celebrity reality stuff will be covered soon, but the point is why do people want to spend their time watching B to C washed up Celebes. What is wrong with your lives that you want to see how a porn star and random model can co-exist in the same house or if some fat ass semi-celeb can loose weight? Most reality shows are not even reality. I say put on a reality show of non stop footage with no editing and no background music and see how people like it.

This solution is pretty simple… STOP WATCHING THIS SHIT!!!! Television stations are smart people, they give people what they want and you MORONS, who are ruining the world, want reality television.

2.) Celebrity Love

When did it become a necessity to know what Tom Cruise got Katie Holmes for her Birthday? I mean really who in the hell CARES! Are Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie getting married? WTF!!! I have no problem with people telling us that this stuff happened, but when there is a need for millions of paparazzi following celebrities around every single day there is a problem. Just like reality shows if there was not a demand for it there would not be any of it. You think that the paparazzi are doing this on their free time? NO, they are getting paid by these tabloids and the tabloids get the money form you… that’s right back to the MORONS, who are ruining the world. I love the fact that when the drag queen from London Dian died the public blamed the paparazzi. No, no, no it was you that killed her. You all wanted to know what she did every second of the day, so people tried to give that to you. No one should care what celebrities say or do anymore than what you or I do.

Another pretty easy solution, stop buying tabloids and caring about what celebrities do. Just because they are famous does not mean that they are interesting or some mythical person that can give you the answer to life (which is 42 for those that care). Live your own life not one that you could never have.

3.) People That Are Politically Correct and People That Just Need To Shut Up

Alright I am not blind to the fact that there was/is a need for people being P.C. It is appropriate in the way it was first intended to be used. There is no need for some corn bread inbreed to call a black guy the “N” word, or for that black guy to call the other guy a “corn bread inbreed”. Just in that last sentence I would probably be dubbed non P.C. Can you call a black guy a black guy? Are you supposed to call him an African American or Afro American (not kidding I really do think that is what is supposed to be P.C. now). To me just trying to figure out what P.C. name I am supposed to call a black guy, a homosexual, a Jewish guy or a Mexican is almost racist. I know I always feel awkward when I say “I was talking to Darnell, a black guy, I mean African American the other day and…” Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t have to distinguish race all the time but sometimes you do for the story. The real problem with P.C. is the sensitiveness of the people it truly offends when you are not P.C. I do not have a problem of trying to be P.C. but I am not going to read every day on what I am supposed to say or not say everyday to appease some Ivy League college professor. Get off your ass and cure cancer or something.

I was watching an episode of “30 Days” and there was a bunch of hill billys holding signs that said things like “Aids cures Gays”. That is not normal. People that take time from their life to protest that gays are sinners are not normal. To actually stand on the side of the road telling people that what they do is a sin is just plain stupid. I mean does it really affect you if two gay guys get married? If you believe it is wrong that’s fine, but why do you have to make people think like you? Besides you think that they are going to read a sign and change their lives? I’m going to go stand on the side of the road and tell people that gluttony is a sin, and that fat people are committing sins. Oh, wait that would be non P.C. What’s wrong with just keeping to yourself and acting out on true problems in the world like government issues or aids and cancer? Don’t worry about world hunger though, Bono has that covered.

Survey a large group of normal people on what is P.C. and what is over P.C. I bet that the majority of the people will agree on the few things that need to be P.C. and what things are just what I like to call “hippie boner issues” (meaning hippies get boners when they can argue about the subject.) Also, when I say “normal people”, I know there is no such thing, but what I mean are people that don’t really have a huge agenda with anything. People just need to reorganize their priorities. When changing someone else’s life that doesn’t suit you is on the top of your list then you really need to seek help.

4.) Self Help

Alright people I’m all for people trying to find happiness and trying to solve their problems, but that is why there are licensed therapist. These people actually went to school and received degrees to help other people. Sure they may cost more but hey you know how the old saying goes “You get what you pay for.” You think that buying a book written by Tony Robbins for $39.95 plus tax is really going to solve your problems and make you live happily ever after? Well if you do, there is a plane leaving for retardville and there is a free ticket for you. Now I know there are times these things really did help people and changed there life, but hey people survive jumping out of planes and having their parachutes not open too, but I’m not going to take my chances of jumping without a chute. All you people out there that live and die for the next Dr. Phill book need to get a grip, and Dr. Phill might be one of the most qualified “self helpers” out there. At least he is a real Doctor. Anyways, it’s pretty funny that people relay on others to tell them how to help themselves. I guess the actual act of people buying this crap to help them is not the problem; it is more of the phenomenon it created generating more and more stupid crazy people getting together. Stupid people alone cannot do any harm, but a big group of stupid people start doing other stupid stuff, besides letting someone else tell them how to run their life, like thinking that they need to know if Paris Hilton hooked up with Clay Akins boyfriend.

This is more tricky than just saying stop listening to self help people. It would be easy to say that, but who knows what kind of things these crazy’s would do if they didn’t spend those hours of their days on reading what Ben Dildo says about what problems were caused by their mom biting her toenails in front of them while she was naked. My solution would be to limit self help people to only writing books and could not have seminars or television shows. Also, make it a federal law that says authors have to give their degrees (if they have any at all) in why they feel qualified to help you. One more thing for you crazy’s out there, self help people make money from “helping” you, if they truly helped you then you would stop needing them, they would stop making money, hence loosing their job… let that soak in crazy’s… you got it yet…alright good.

Alright that will do it for now, but I do have more. Now some of my opinions, which are opinions, may not settle with some of you. And if they really offend you, well then you are part of the problem and need to re-read everything again and think more on what life should be.

You’re Welcome

Ok...lets see here...hmmm... yeess... yeess...oh I like what you've done here..yess...oh wait, I don't quit understa...aaaah I see...yes.

Seriously, I don't understand why people are NOT paying us to write these things.

I like your article, and subject matter. However, I think all of these things stem from the same thing....Greed.

"Money is the root of all evil" Greed is a powerful drug that people can't get enough of, and the dealers are more than obliged to slang it out.

I still put 100% of the blame on MTV.
i liked your post so much...i wanted to comment again.

REality shows suck.
First of all, the post is great. Reality tv shows do suck, although I do like watching B & C celebrities do these shows in an attempt to once again regain A status. I would have to think that all their answering machines are like Steven Seagals...I'm not here..I don't know what it is but I'll take it." (Red 2006 All rights reserved). I also could care less about celebrities or their relationships. I'd much rather read some "World News" during my wait at Walmart then those celebrity mags. At least they have important the world ending on Thursday and the story of the half man half lion that lives in peace amongst the Amazon tribes.
PC is all screwed up. Its like these left leaning white people are trying to make up for the sins of the past. I wonder if the thought process is like this..if we call blacks African American and Indians Native Americans..oh that and stop using them as sports mascots..then we can erase the horrors that we did to these people in our past. We have situations where a coach is nearly forced to resign..(or maybe he did..didn't follow up on that) because he said "Black atheletes run faster than whites". You know what, most of the African Americans were like.."Well Yeah..Duh", but the left wing whites were all over this guy calling him a racist among other things.
Now on to the gay marriage and the people with signs saying God hates them. Where do these people come from, and what bible are they reading? For the record, I do believe that marriage is an institution created by God whereupon a man leaves his mother and father and joins his wife. That is my opinion, and I'll gladly share and defend that opinion to the best of my ability, but I know that you can't force people to agree with you. That's why God gave us free will. I believe that God mourns over those who choose to live and not follow him, but He knows that if he didn't give us the choice, then we'd be robots. The main advice I have for the "God Hates Gays" sign people is this..get the speck out of your own the book and see what it actually says not what you think it says...and live your lives as the salt and light you are told to be. So a little bit of a religious tangent, but I thought I had to write it in response to those people with the signs and of course the people who tried to protest at the soldiers funeral at downtown Evansville saying that America was losing men because it supports homosexuality. I see no difference in these people claiming they're Chrisitans than the White Supremist Neo-Nazis that claim the same thing.

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