Wednesday, February 08, 2006


SNOW Thank you

You know what i could do without? YUP SNOW! I hate that winter wonderland crap. You know what snow is good for, NOTHING! All it does it makes bad drivers WORSE drivers. It makes cold weather, COLDER weather. I hate the crunching sound it makes under your shoes, i hate when you walk through shin deep snow and it gets inside your shoes and your feet get wet, i hate cleaning it off my car, i hate it falling down my neck when i'm walking outside. I HATE SNOW DRIFTS. for you "city" people this may not be a problem, HOWEVER for people like me that live outside the city limits you get these things called "snow drifts". what are they, they are little mounds of hell that build up in areas ONLY where you need to drive. I HATE YOU SNOW, i hope you burn in hell!! I didn't like snow as a kid and i hate it more now. snow angels are retarded, snow balls are annoying, snow forts are gay, and frosty the snow man can take his coal eyes and shove them up his big white A hole. now sledding, this is a good concept, HOWEVER it's a better concept in the summer time with a slip'n slide! There's a great concept for you, it's hot outside let's cool down by playing in the nice cool water....INSTEAD some idiots thinks hey it's F'in freezing outside, let's go roll around in the even more F'in cold snow!!! MORONS!

Let's slow this down and go back to the driving portion of this. I will go on the record and say i'm an excellent driver when it comes to snowy/slick conditions on the road. I do NOT mind driving on roads in these conditions, however I do mind sharing the roads with these snowtards that can't drive a straight line. You DO NOT slam on your breaks on ice, you do NOT stomp the gas in slick roads, if you start sliding on the road don't over correct by just starting to spin your steering wheel like an idiot. That's all for now, but if it were up to me i would burn all of this stupid snow up before it hits the ground and for all of you who find the snow to be so pretty or beautiful, i hope a salt truck runs you over.




Backwards Brad, he's Backwards Brad, he can be backwards fast as you can.

i have to agree with uberbrad on this one. however you did overlook the fact that snow gets you out of school.
but red...what did you do on your snow days?


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