Friday, March 17, 2006


And the latest trend is....WTF?

Sometimes you learn something you wish you had never learned. Well, I went to get a hair cut. I don't go to a traditional barber though, I go to more of a salon. I'm not gay or nothing, it's just that this lady is the only person that can cut my hair the way I like it. Anyways, some lady had been in there previously talking about a ....procedure....Well, my hair cut lady was telling me about it, and I had never heard of this. And, I bet you have never heard of it either. So I am posting a link to an article about this procedure. Only because I don't think it is fair that I have to go through this craziness alone. I have no idea what to say about this, other than just shake my head. I am totally speechless.

I will warn you though, this is not safe for work, or school. And I'd say it's not safe anywhere, but without further adou, I present to you...

Click here for one of the strangest concepts ever.

Right on,

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