Sunday, March 05, 2006


Being a total A-Hole: Priceless

Mastercard is running a contest where you can submit your own "priceless" commercials. If you want to enter visit their site.

Priceless Contest

Here are our ideas.

New Shirt: $20
Bottle of Champaigne: $30
A bottle of rufies: $10
Getting your ex-girlfriend drunk and passed out just to give her herpies symplex B: Priceless

Scalpel: $10
Chloroform: $5
Igloo Cooler: $9
Hiring a surgeon to perform an illegal liver transplant: $10,000
20 more years of alcohol abuse: Priceless

Bottle of hand lotion: $4
Box of tissues: $2
Tickets to the movies for your obnoxious roommate: $10
Finally being able to masterbate without worry: Priceless

Fine for speeding: $75
Fine for spitting in cops face: $130
Fine for police pursuit: $500
Being involved in your first prison rape: Priceless

Large Pizza: $15
Pint of Chunky Monkey: $5
Package of Oreo’s: $6
Large Milk Shake: $4
Vomiting all that stuff into the toilet so that you can fit into your prom dress: priceless

Tank of Gas: $30
hotel room: $80
Ticket to Cubs vs. Cardinals: $30
Bribing security guard:$100
Taking a dump in Derek Lee’s shoes: priceless

Adult diapers: $20
One gallon of tea: $2
A box of ex-lax: $5
Intentionally soiling yourself during the big meeting and nobody noticing: Priceless

cowboy hat: $30
A horse and saddle: $5,000
sleeping bag:$40
A weekend getaway with your gay lover: priceless

Ladle: $3
Crock pot: $35
10 cans of Bush’s chili:$8
Shock tarts: $1
Sour patch kids:$2
Cookie dough: $3
the look on that guy’s face when he tasted our rock ‘n roll chili: priceless

4 shots of vodka: $8
3 beers: $6
3 Jagerbombs: $9
4 lines of coke: $50
Being so wasted you’ll never remember the night before where you were dared to bang a horse: Priceless


did you really post some of those on that site?

I got one:

Having sex with a low quality hooker and ending up getting AIDS: $22.50
Small sergical surenge needle: $0.15
Sticking yourself with the needle then sticking other people you dont like with the same dirty needle: priceless
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