Tuesday, April 25, 2006


I Hate Smokers!

If you ask me one of the most disgusting things one can do is smoke. That is why I CHOOSE not to smoke. Now then, if someone wants to smoke, that is fine by me, they can do what they want IN THEIR HOME. But, whenever their hobby/vice enters my personal space, we have a problem.

Here lately, states have been passing laws that make smoking in public places not allowed. This makes me very happy. Now there are some places where I expect smoke to be, so I don't get to upset with it. I still might decide not to go there because of it, but that is ME making a choice again.

Where these laws are excellent is restaraunts. Even though most places have smoking sections, that doesn't always work. Smoke still gets into the air creating a horrible smell in general. And there is always the whisp of air that blows smoke your way so you get a nice whiff of it while your eating. Smoking should not be allowed in restaraunts at all. Now then, if any of you smokers think my idea is stupid, and I am a jackass for thinking this, you just let me know. I will be glad to come sit at the table next you in a restaraunt. Get ready for me to be farting the whole time too. If your gonna make me smell your horrible offensive odors, you're gonna be smelling mine too.

When it comes to bars, smoking is just part of the territory. But damn, I can't be in a bar for more than an hour before my eyes start to water and get all red. THEN, when you leave, your clothes smell terrible. So, I just don't go to bars anymore.

Our family business is no smoking. We don't allow people to smoke inside. If they want to go outsite to smoke, feel free, but not inside. I got into an argument one time with someone who thought they had THE RIGHT to smoke in our place. NO, YOU DON'T HAVE THE RIGHT TO DO SHIT IN OUR PLACE! We open up our business to the public and are happy to do so, but it is still private property. We like to take care of our things, and we don't really feel like having yellow curtains, walls, and ceilings along with musty smelling furniture.

I wish tobacco companies would just make their products really powerful, so smokers will hurry up and get lung cancer and smoke themselves to death. The problem would phase itself out and everyone would be happy. I hate smokers...HATE THEM. Not just because they smoke, but because they think they have the right to smoke anywhere they want and us non-smokers are being intolerant of their ways. Guess what. I AM BEING INTOLERANT. There are many things that I can Tolerate. But you smokers.....I hate every single stinking skanky ass one of you .

I am starting a coalition against the smell of smoking or if you prefer, C.A.T.S.S. basically we are lobbying for legislation that will call for money from tobacco taxes to go toward the funding of a program that will help smokers quit. I know you're thinking that my idea is unoriginal, but my plan for action is unique. we get smokers to quit smoking by giving them cocaine instead! that way, their smoke doesn't bother anybody, and they can be put in prison!
i must say that that could be a good idea uberbrenton, but i have a few friends that are smokers and do not want them to go to jail or be addicted to cocaine.

and for your rant uberbrian, i really really wish i was close by when you started yelling at poor 17 year old sindy trying to have a little smoke while trying to cope with her mom's death after being attacked by ducks. she was probably crying and sobbing, puts a ciggerette in her mouth, grabs her lighter and all of a sudden you come up to her and slap the lighter out of her hand then you yell at her.

Uberbrian: "Who do you think you are?".

sindy: "I'm just trying to calm down. I mean my mom was attacked and killed by ducks. If that happend to you, you would want to smoke too."

uberbrian: "I dont care! I dont want to REeeeEK of smoke for days."

sindy: "I think i have a right to smoke here."

uberbrian: "First of all, (while he karate chops his right hand into his left hand) this is a private buisness and we do not allow smoking."

sindy: "..."

uberbrian: "..."

sindy: "was there a second point?"

uberbrian: "what?"

sindy: "you said first of all... was there a second point you were going to make?"

uberbrian: "no, not really. It's a private buisness and we do not allow smoking. what else do i have to say."

sindy: "why are you yelling at me?"

uberbrian: "because you are stupid, and i am better than you."

sindy: "oh my god you are so mean... MY MOM DIED AFTER BEING ATTACKED BY DUCKS!!! do you understand how hard this if for me."

uberbrian: "well i dont want to smell like smoke, so you're not going to smoke."

sindy: "fine i wont smoke just leave me alone."

Uberbrian: "so how old are you?"

sindy: "17."

Uberbrian: "well i got to go."

sindy: "ASSHOLE!"

Uberbrian: "bitch."

sindy: "what did you say?"

Uberbrian: "nothing... sorry about your mom."
1st off: Little Sindy is under 18, so legally she can't buy cigarettes anyway. But, if she wants to smoke, she can walk her ass outside, cuase it ain't going down on my watch.

2nd:....I don't really have a second point.
i think if people want to smoke, let them, and pass out cigarettes for free if killing themselves is what they want to do anyway. george carlin has a great quote on his idea of smokers.
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