Tuesday, April 11, 2006


My Celeb Hate List

This is just a small list of the ones I could think of off the top of my head. And a few words about each. These also are in no specific order.
1. Oprah- Your no Dr. Phil but sometimes your conclusions make less sense than his.
2. Missy Elliott- I got nothing to say to you.
3. Macy Gray- I just hate her.
4. Carson Daily- Your show is just embarrassing.
5. Lil Bow Wow- I just hate you. And you remind me of The Famous Jett Jackson.
6. Paris Hilton- Your no hotter or better than any other skinny blonde. You Suck.
7. Johnny Depp- He just wierd. I alway think he is getting ready to molest someone. Go Away.
8. Ben Affleck- Your nothing without Matt Damon. And even less without Lopez.
9. Mel Gibson- Where did Martin Riggs go?
10. Lance Armstrong- The only thing he rides better than his bike is that story about how he beat cancer, let it go, the world is tired of your sob story.


Is that the business card you hand out to people?

Its better than yours Boy George.
You stole the idea from me anyway.
your mom
Ah.. But Ben has more talent in his little pinky than you will ever have ;)
dont look as it in stealling, look at is as just setting an example for us to follow. and dont mind uberbrian he is just mad that hes never looked that sauve before.

and who is ben?

Really? Because Lil' Bow Wow is just so great at...wait what does he do again? Doesn't he have a Disney show? Maybe it's Nickelodeon. Maybe it's someone else entirely.

Johnny Depp can molest me. I'll lock him away in my love dungeon and you'll never have to look at him again.
that's just creepy
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