Thursday, April 27, 2006


Street Signs I Hate

The deer sign on the highway really pisses me off for some reason. The yellow sign with a deer jumping wouldn't bother me, but the little sign under it that says "next five miles" that pisses me off. If you think that you should only watch for deer for the next five miles in Southern Illinois or Indiana or the midwest anywhere you are a retard. Next five miles, the deer didn't get the memo, those damn things are everywhere, I hit one and there was no warning sign anywhere. How dumb are the people putting those signs up, and how do they distinguish where the deer zones should be and for how long. Deer herds sometimes migrate, usually not far but I'm sure they don't stay in their assigned zones. So if they're not in the zone that the sign assigns can we sue the state, I say we should, they assured you that there would only be deer for a few more miles, so after the five mile point speed up and let your gaurd down. Retard.

Another sign that makes no sense is the "Speed Zone Ahead," if you are on the road you are in a speed zone. Perhaps it should say "New Speed Zone Ahead." The reduce speed sign is much better, but not always used.

Why is the welcome to Illinois sign a half mile into our border, there should be a sign in the middle of the bridge that is two sided, one side, from Indiana to Illinois should say Welcome to Illinois, the other, in the opposite direction stating that you are welcome in Indiana.

I guess these guys are not thinking while they lean on their gently used shovel. Maybe we could have the end of their shovels fashioned in the same style as a crutch, I don't want them to get sore afterall.

Feel free to add any signs that I may have missed, these were the ones I saw today.

This isn't so much a specific sign...but I hate the randomness of the construction signs on highways and interstates. Sometimes you will come to a sign that says "Construction, next 5 miles" but then there is no construction. 5 miles later, there is a "End construction zone". Other times there WILLl be construction, only when you get the "End construction zone" sign, and your glad to be done....100 yards down the road, you get to another "Construction, next 5 miles" sign. -UberBrian


I would sue the deer that I hit, but he is dead now. I killed him with my car. I exploded his guts out of his rectum. Then came back later and sawed his rack off. Stupid deer.
Jake Stocke carries a hacksaw in his truck in case he comes across any deer on the side of the road.

One sign I hate is the sign that says "End Double Fine" at the end of a construction zone. It would be much more helpful if they put a sign at the beggining of the construction zone that said "fines doubled in construction zone" or something like that.
i hate the school zone signs. i mean is it my fault that the city put a school next to a street i have to drive on. why should i have to slow down for like 1/4 of a mile "just in case" some retard of a child darts out into the road like a damn deer. it takes me like 30 extra seconds to slow down for those stupid kids. i say it would be much better to have some sort of buried electric fence along the road and shock collars on those kids. those damn kids and their damn rap music!
I hate the "do not pass" signs that are located past the place that the officers don't want you to pass in. Just ask bren10stanley, He'll tell ya.
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