Monday, April 10, 2006


This is slowly becoming the "Anti Tom Cruise" Blog

I was looking at some of the inserts in this weeks sunday paper. Most of the time, they go directly to the garbage...but this time one caught my eye. It was our good ol' buddy Tom Cruise, and the caption was a quote from him asking "Who's to say what's normal?" I thought I would answer that question with..."Me, I say what's normal, and you my friend, are not normal." I am now going to read this article and type my opinion on it.

Ah, says here "...he upbraided actress Brooke Shields for taking antidepressants to treat postpartum depression and later ranted against medically-prescribed drugs and psychiatry on NBC's Today. 'I've never agreed with psychiatry, ever,' he declared. 'It's pseudo-science." For those who are curious gives the definition of pseudo as "being apparently rather than actually as stated." By this I am interpreting cruises statement as meaning the following.

Patient: I have this problem, what should I do?
Psychiatrist: Eh, I'm not real sure...maybe you should listen to Tom Cruise, because I don't really know...I am just guessing here.

"Cruise...grew up in near poverty in a Catholic family dominated by an abusive father he described as "a merchant of chaos." His father was an electrical engineer who could never hold down a job and kept the family on the move in a restless search for work." he grew up in NEAR poverty family DOMINATED by an abusive father constantly looking for work. So, his dad was a guy trying to find a job so he could support his family. He had trouble and surely got frustrated. On top of that you have a couple little kids bugging you. hhhmmmm...I don't see how that could be a recipe for disaster. Sounds like a lot of families actually. I wouldn't call it "Normal", but I also wouldn't call it "Uncommon."

hhmm...he was enrolled in 15 different schools in 12 years. Alright, I'll give him that one...that would be pretty tough.

aaahhh....when he was a kid he had trouble reading and was diagnosed as being dyslexic. This apparantly made him mad because he was "labelled" and this is where his contempt for psychiatry started. Did I mention he was 7 when this happened? Oh yeah...he was 7. I remember one time when I was 7, I went to the doctor and he said "Brian, I think you might be sick." As soon as he said that, I remember thinking, "Oh whatever sir. Your hypothesis and prognosis is based on pure assumption with no proper assertation of a medicaly bias diagnosis." and have immediately dismissed doctors ever since. So I can relate with ol' Tom. I guess after this happend, he starting studying psychiatry and realized it was nothing but labels. Yeah...all of this at 7.

Ya know...I really don't feel like finishing this article considering his life is based on research he did when he was 7 years old.

who is tom cruise?
I think he played a hobbit in Lord of the Rings

why are you obessed with tom cruise?
Because my obsession with you has subsided.
now he has reproduced. heaven help suri cruise (sounds a little like syracuse)
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