Thursday, April 27, 2006


Uber Fan Post: Fat Chicks

I hate fat girls who have a friend that is hot and someone would say stuff like: "whoa, she has big boobs doesn't she" to which her friends comment to that with "she isn't fat she, she is just big." Give it a rest I can answer both of those questions with the same statement. It is FAT, and assorted toilet paper (I can see the clumps).

Also I hate fat chicks who wear thongs and tight clothes, and as you sit there looking at them, as you would a nasty barracuda ripping a fish apart, they say "stop looking at me you sicko" then get mad as I retort "You make me glad chicks like you go bulimic."

UberFan Tim M.

(Disclaimer: If this fan rant offends you....suck it up wuss. Tim M. is not directly affiliated with UberHaters. UberHaters may or may not agree with this statement, but will offer an outlet for it to be said.)

Just for the record, I edited the first paragraph because it made absulutely no sense. I retyped it as what I THOUGHT Tim was trying to say. So Tim, if I F'ed it up, let me know and it shall be fixed.

i kinda liked the oringanal. it was not thought out at all and you really couldnt understand it... kinda like all of our posts but whatever.
hehehehe...this is true.
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