Tuesday, April 25, 2006


UberHater Update

Our page view counter has messed up again. We have had about 3,000 hits on this site, and now I have to get a new one. Well, I'm not gonna get it from the same people that is a fore shore. Also, I plan on adding some eye candy to this place once I get the time and get my computers at home back up.

Also, since new posts have been rather slow lately, feel free to send in a rant or story to uberhaters@yahoo.com. Make sure it's arrogant. We don't want no wishy washy story that saves the feelings of some schmuck. Remember, if it doesn't offend SOMEONE, your not being creative enough.

Also, Also, UberBrenton thought up a pretty funny joke the other day. Maybe he will post it right...HERE

"what's the difference between katie holmes' brain and michael moore's crotch?
katie's brain has been washed in the last year."

HAHAHAHAHA....good joke UberBrenton, good one.

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