Friday, May 05, 2006


The Little Things (That bother me). Vol. 4

Garlic is a spice that makes most dishes better. However, I hate how the smell sticks with you for days.

Big sinks with little facets so when you wash your hands, your hands are rubbing against the back of the sink while all that free space is wasted.

When you get into your car in the morning and the music is blaring from when you got out the night before.

When you pass a cop on the road and the person in front of you slams on the brakes, like the cop is going to pull them over for going 37 in a 35. Only you don't expect the idiot in front to brake check for no reason, which causes you do have to brake even harder. So when the cop looks in his mirror he notices YOU almost rear ending someone.

High school kids who just walk out into traffic without looking just because they are in a "crosswalk". Damn kids and their rap music.

Tony Danza....still.

People on the internet that still have no grasp of spam and link ads that take you to places so the site owner makes money off of traffic. These people insist on making this garbage myspace bulletins.

When you walk outside in the spring, and step through a door, or by a tree, you get a cob web right in the face.

When your car starts making a noise, and you can't figure out where it's coming from.

When you get a rock stuck in the treads of your car tire, and you're driving around with the windows down and you can hear the rock hit the pavement in a rhythm of the wheels rotation.

When you get a text message from a number your not familiar with, but it says something like "Still coming?" and you wonder if it just a wrong number, or if you had plans that night and you just forgot.

When you go to like, a chinese or mexican restaraunt, and you can't understand what they are trying to say. So you just look them like "uuuh....yes" and then they look at you like "uuuhh...what?" and then they bring you an ash tray and yell at you for wanting more than 2 refills.

When your watching TV and a commercial comes on that you have seen many times. Only this time, some of the dialogue has changed, and you never know why.

When your trying to find a station on a radio using an analog dial. Finally, you find a good signal but as soon as you move, you lose the signal.

When you're in the shower and you knock stuff off a razor. So now you have soap in your eyes, and can't move because you might step on a razor.

rap music is whats killing this country!

Showanda Rewanda-Rowanda Smith
You know, this here topic gots me ah fired up. i a single mom tryn to raise my 7 children and all these gagsta wanna be rap stars like c titty combs and dollar 1.50 are corruptn my kids. i work 3 jobs tryn to give my kids a good life and they dont need no music telln them to go shoot no cops.

i gots a 3 month old wanicka, 2 year old darnell jr., two 5 year old twins tany and ineecha, 7 year old josh, 8 year old Darnell, and a 26 year old Lintatius, and i work hard to keep em on the straigt and narra. i glad to see good people like yous to tell it like it is and call that there rap music out. you guys are doin a wonderful job. i read you site whenever i gets a chance to. oh and by the way that uberjonny is one sexy man. if you ever want a piece of dark meat just give me a shout and mamma will take care of you!

from your #1 fan

Showanda Rewanda-Rowanda Smith
HEY!! No darkies allowed here! I'm just kidding. I love nig....uuhhh..Thanks for the kind words Showanda Rewanda-Rowanda Smith. I'm glad to hear that Lentatious is doing well.
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