Tuesday, May 30, 2006


MySpace All-Stars

During the day, I tend to spend some time on Myspace chatting with friends and wasting time. As anyone who uses Myspace knows, they put up random people for you to see. There are some very interesting people there. Here are some people I have found.

Bonafide tha prototype of Ballin I can only strive to be as cool.

Alex the Stampede You can ALMOST read his profile.

oooooohhhh yeah, thats what I'm talkin about

Lord of the Beach This is the perfect example of WTF?

Blackavellie I think there is a picture of the guy somewhere on the page.

Rudo I want to party with this guy.

Weilder of the Oblivion I still don't understand how people can get into this crap...publicly.

Star Wars Kid? I just linked directly to his picture page.

Not much needs to be said from me... I will let you make up your own punchlines.
I think that will do for now. As I come across more interesting people, I will let them be known.

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