Friday, May 26, 2006


What's been going on???

It has been 20 days since this site has been updated. If you all are still checking it regularly, wow, you must be dedicated or REAALLY bored. Probably the latter. Well, this post is more or less to keep things flowing, and talk about what's been going on in general. Myself, as well as the other UberHaters have been pretty busy.

For me, at work, we have been wrapping up the busy spring sale season. As for out of work, I have been pretty busy working on things at my aparment, and doing family stuff. UberBrenton wrapped up his first year of school down in Nashville, and has been spending a lot of time working on recording music. Look forward to hearing news about a special secret project of his. (Sorry Brenton if I am making up hype). Also, we have been working on our OEAJ cd. Stay tuned for updates on that. UberRed is also moving into a new apartment today. He recently bought himself a new toy. I won't tell you what it is, but I will say that it has a very sexy body, and is oozing with excess horsepower. UberJonny continues to slip through town undetected, and UberBrad continues to never post or check the site.

So, as I mentioned earlier, I finally got my own place. I moved to Crossville, or as I like to refer to it, Mayberry on Meth. It's pretty good, except I have absolutely no cell phone signal. I am sure eventually, I will have a mental breakdown and express it in the form of a hateful post on here. My internet is not hooked up yet, but I will tell you about that in a bit.

A recent scare took place for me. I had been living in my apartment with a sever gas leak. Little did I know that the levels of natural gas, and carbon monoxide were "off the chart" according to the guy with the gas sniffer thing. I had smelled hints of gas before, but nothing that really sent up a red flag. After about two days of smelling it when I came in, we notified the proper people. I spent the next two nights on my parents living room floor where the cat kept attacking my face. Before all of this it did seem like I was having headaches in the afternoon, and had a hard time waking up in the morning. I did a lot of sleeping too on weekends. Man, am I one dumb son of a bitch. UberRed stayed on my couch one night, which was basically right next to the leak. He told me he had a bad headache all of the next day. Sorry Red, I didn't know at the time that I was putting you face to face with possible death.

As far as the whole internet thing...yikes. Those people are retarded. First of all, they are charging me an arm and a leg for DSL. Second, they charging me a testicle for installation. (which was the worste thing I have ever seen) Third, I have to supply my own hardward, WHICH apparantly, I bought the ONE router on the market that doesn't work the computers I have. I've spent the last two night on the the other room (because I get no cell phone signal, remember). So I have been writing down codes, and numbers, and running back and forth from my computers, to the phone....and failing miserably. So NOW, one of my dad's friends, who is a computer savvy guy, but is also a cop, is now in my apartment, messing around on my computers. Even though, I may or may not have supplied this guy with some software before, there is just something that makes me nervous about a cop cruising at will through all of my internet files. There is nothing illegal there, but everyone knows that high speed internet equals the occasional peak at the naked girly sites. It's just one of those unspoken understandings of how the world works. So now this guy is taking my PC home with him to reconfigure it and all that jazz.

Also, it has been a very long time since the Bad Movies site has had any additions to it. Well, I made a purchase the other day that was to good to pass up. I have told a few insiders about it, but I don't want to come right out and say which movie it is. You might be able to figure it out though. Let's just say that...I have an extensive collection of bad movies, however, it wouldn't be complete without the critically acclaimed, worste movie of all time. Stay tuned for that. Also, Also, on the same level, I have recently watched two movies. They aren't really worthy of having complete write-ups about them, but lets just say that Transporter and Transporter 2, are extremely good "bad" movies to watch. Grab some beers and the DVD remote and let the entertainment begin.

Anyways, that is what's been going on. Hopefully, in the near future once everything settles back into place, this site will get going again. I will end this post with a question that might get your minding turning. If it weren't for his song "Wicked Game" would anyone care about Chris Isaak?

Right On,
(don't feel like posting a tag today)

PS Awesome....this stupid site is messing up and wont post this message...Also, a hot lady just walked into the office, and I think she caught me looking at her boobs. eh well. I guess she won't "go out" with me now. dang.

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