Sunday, October 15, 2006


Worste TV Show EVER

So, one of the weekly staples I have is to watch Adult Swim on Sunday nights. It has a great lineup with such shows as Metalocalypse, Harvey Birdman, Robot Chicken Squidbillies, and Tom Goes to the Mayor just to name a few. But, lumped in with these funny shows is a show called 12 oz. Mouse. It is the most retarded pointless show ever. I am watching it right now, and I am physically becoming enraged at this show. Here, let me tell you what the show is about, and you can picture it perfectly.

It keeps going back and forth between two scenes. A shark trying to start a car that won't turn over, and a pink square wearing glasses, looking at harmonicas. That is it. That has been the entire show. FOR FIFTEEN F***ING MINUTES. THAT WAS THE ENTIRE SHOW!!!!!

For all the good shows I have seen tonight, this one show has managed to piss me off to a level that is not normal.

If you are interested in seeing for yourself just how bad this show is follow the link below, then scroll down the list of shows until you see 12 oz. Mouse.

Right OFF,

I agree with you about that show. It's totally pointless. I've often stared at it in horrified fascination. But I'm going have to disagree with you on the Squidbillies. While 12 oz Mouse is horrible, beyond crap, Squidbillies may have more of a plot but not much else going for it.

My faves: Moral Orel and Robot Chicken
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